Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Wiener's Circle

Met up with DMC for my B'day weekend. Skated the streets of Chicago most of the day mixing with the crackheads & locals. Had some authentic deep dish pizza for dinner & made it out to the infamous Wiener's Circle for the late night craze. Saw it on Insomniac a while ago and knew I had to make it there.

It was a little craze rolling in there at first. There was no one in there, but they were still wildin' out singing songs and shit. 5 minutes after standing there, one of the girls yelled, "So what do you want motherfucker?" I tried to get two hot dogs with ketchup but four loaded hot dogs showed up.

Thought they were gonna rip on us but they were feelin' my Flight Jacket. We talked Jordans for a minute and they mellowed out. I missed it but Dan caught a boob. One of the girls was like, "Damn that shit looked like a watermelon hanging onto the end of a torpedo. She then asked me what I was. I told her and she yelled, "Them Filipinos dress they ass off." I laughed and kept on eating.

The traditional Chicago Red Hot is kinda fucked up. It's a burnt hot dog with lettuce, tomato, pickle and onions. Not my kinda steez but I ate one of the two I got.

Dan, on the other hand crushed his shit in a heartbeat. We chilled for some time after watching them crack on some people and snapped some pics. The one girl asked for my number, but I just laughed and she said, "Damn, I'd fuck the shit out dat ni**a. Guess it pays to keep your shit tight in all situations.