Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sneaker Pimps

Went to the Sneaker Pimps event last wknd. Shit was craze getting into but show was pretty dope. Got to see some heat including a Stash and Futura double exhibit, Dunk Exchange, and a Nike Air Force One wall. Overall it was tight. Good music and Good Liquor. Got tore up pretty quickly, lost my friends, but managed to stay around for the Clipse show. Hype.

Feelin' my new pro model shoe? Goes well with some JAMS clamdigger shorts.

Yo, Shaniqua get out da way! Fuck you nigga.

Most of these shoes are kinda ugly.

What happened to that boy. I'm not too into live music, but I was feelin' the Clipse. BOOM!