Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Milwaukee - "The Good Land", or "gathering place by the water"

This past weekend the 2nd MODA 3 Boardfest went down. Stevie Bell flew out to judge and announce and Al headed out to escape NYC for a few. The Miller tour was the highlight of the first day, and Saturday was contest day.

Things kicked off about 4pm, right when about an inch of rain/hail decided to come down. After the winds whipped through, Stevie and I got on the mic and got things rolling. About 1000-1200 people were in attendance, and the event went pretty well considering the whole damn thing almost got blown into the Lake due to the high winds.

The afterparty was at a pretty tightass nightclub that felt like The Standard lobby. Not what I expected out of Milwaukee. I had pictured the type of place where Laverne, Shirley, Lenny and Squiggy would knock a few back, but instead we ended up in a place where Laverne would date Shirley and Lenny and Squiggy would get into a deep conversation about which Asian country they should adopt their child from. Needless to say we broke out early. Stevie stayed behind and flew the flag well. I'll leave it at that.

Event setup from MODA 3's fifth floor.

The event in full swing. Even on glare ice after the rain/hail madness, the kids threw down.

Milwaukee Public Market. A homemade Mint Chip cone was promptly handled. You don't get that shit in California.

Mars Cheese Castle. Trinkets Galore. Mini Log Cabin with a real smoking chimney? Check.

Sunday we headed back to Chicago and explored a bit. I got some of the One Time Only Air Max 90/ 360 Hybrids. Still not convinced I am into them. I think the whole sneaker boutique thing is getting a little played out. Don't get me wrong, the shoes are tight, but they seriously all have the same shit from coast to coast. Good effort though, better than Foot Locker.

Before heading back to O'Hare, we checked out Millenium Park. The Frank Gehry designed concert area/park is pretty breathtaking. As is the gigantic chrome orb (tourist magnet) and the gigantic glass cube waterfalls/video walls that lie on its eastern side. It's always good to see cities make their downtown areas somewhere that people want to go to when they don't have to. LA has definitely missed that one.

Gehry Concert Park and Orb. Tons of tourists. Literally, they were huge.

Off to Miami in about 7 hours.