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Happy Turkey!

Goose Egg.

Raider of the Lost Ark.

Check out this kick ass story about this amazing bike.

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Somebody is having...the Best Day Ever.

Reeses Pieces.

This one's for you Deebo.

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Not Stewie Grape.

Stewie as the Grape Lady got cut so you get Cleveland.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bike Tour.

Finally convinced one of my clients to purchase a road bike after pleading with her all summer. Amazingly, she lives right across the street from Central Park but never goes in. Told her it would be a great way to take advantage of the neighborhood and get some weekend exercise.

To my suprise she asked if I wanted to ride with her in place of her gym sessions. I thought, "Why not?". I ride on the weekends anyways plus it's a great way to break from the old jump squat-pull up-crunch routine. First couple rides we stayed on the West Side bike path. Nothing too crazy- just cruising with her while she's learning how to ride her kit: how to find the proper gear, how to get out of toe straps without falling etc etc.

One trip we rode up and over the George Washington Bridge. Not too bad. Totally flat but you have to dodge all the Lance Armstrong wanna-bees who vibe you cuz you're not riding an 09 Cervelo.Whatevs. It was fun though. Nice to finally take a decent look. Normally I'm racing over it just trying to get home as it's only one of the two bridges I have to deal with to get to my neighborhood.

After finally getting used to her bike, she asked if we could try riding over the Brooklyn Bridge. I was hyped as it would finally be a challenging ride. I usually ride from my house over the 59th Street Bridge through the Park to her crib then to whatever then back over. only about 15-20miles. To ride over two bridges would be a hustle. It would be dope to go see what's up in the old neighborhood too.

The ride wasn't too bad. It was one of the last weekends with nice weather so we were happy to be taking advantage of it. Halfway through, she mentioned she was getting hungry and asked if there was a place in Brooklyn where we could get something to eat. I told her I knew just the place.

The Brooklyn Bridge was a decent climb and I just charged it just to get it over with. She apparently had a tough time trying to find the right gear, having her blood sugar drop, and crashing into a lady jumping into the bike lane wanting to have her picture taken, My client (half Italian half Puerto Rican) chewed her out with every curse she knew. Don't mess with a hungry lady trying to get her workout on.

Of course, I took her to one of my favorite eateries in all of the city, Grimaldi's. Peaced the line and ordered a pie to go. We ate right on the Pier overlooking the Manhattan Skyline. The pizza was amazing as was the view. Not a bad way to spend a day at work. She was hyped to taste a little history, but only had two slices leaving me to kill the pie, Tony Manero style.

Great Title.

Movie actually looks pretty sweet.

Ken Block is Tard.

As a kid I dreamed of being a race car driver. Block has earned his little kid every day status. That drift around the bldg is insane. Sick pedal control.

Life Lessons.

Big thanks to Norm Nice for the link.

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Come on.

How has it taken over 100 years of air travel to figure the above invention out. Maybe people don't want 2 issues of SkyMall, 4 barf bags, and 2 Hemispheres magazines crammed into their knees on a 12 hour over ocean flight. Just a guess.

Actually, not bad.

Get in on those details. That's right, Yogurt Flavored Pepsi.

Freshness Burger-Tokyo

First international burger review. Freshness is a nice little chain in Japan that is pretty much the Japanese version of In n Out, but with a little more ambience. There are a few good combos, I had the signature Freshness Burger, which is a hamburger patty with meat sauce. It tasted exactly like a Sloppy Joe. Official. The Orange Iced Tea was a good choice as well.

I was a little apprehensive to try the Spam Burger with Pineapple since I had a case of the Number 12's (for those that don't know, brush up on your poo math) upon touchdown at Narita which persisted the duration of our stay. Oomph.

Recommended for a good meal when you are in the land of the rising sun. It's a good respite from looking at $90 tee shirts and shoes that are the most insane things you have ever seen in your life but only come in sizes up to 8.5.

Blue Velvet.

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"Ways to start the day?
Good cup of coffee, bottle of beer, walk the doggy."

Funky Fridays #13.

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"Oh, the joy."

Weekly R&B Banger #40.

Gotta love a lil' Bobby n' Weezy.

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Fucking Starbucks in DUMBO?

I remember when I used to hear gunshots at night living there.