Thursday, April 30, 2009

"My Insanity was my Sanity."

Go see it.


Funky Fridays #35.

Kobayashi Kut.

Headed out to Coney Island to take a break from the warmer weather we have been having. I was hyped to get off the block and ride my vacation high for a few more days.

I was eager to get out to get some Totonno's. Unfortunately, there was a recent fire to the famous pizzeria. But there's always Nathan's which I didn't know was open all year round.

Got to catch a pic from the first contender of the "longest short pant" contest who might have taken the trophy home right off the bat. Pre-summer no-less. Note that he had at least a 45inch waist. Sad to see the trophy already pass from last year's winner with his ankle covering DEMIM cargo shorts with six cargo pockets on each pant leg. Ghetto Fab.

Not exactly the SC Pier, but not bad for a train ride away. Just make sure to keep your Jordans on until you park your blanket to avoid the broken Heineken bottles and used Pampers.

The off boardwalk beer beach was pretty tight for people watching. Plus they served Miller High life by the bottle, not some stupid plastic cup. Thanks Guidos.


This shit is impressive .

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Salt N Pepa.


I'm feeling the william strobeck throwback footage.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Homemade BBQ

You just can't get this anywhere. Oklahoma goodness.

Street Parked Craze.

Ferrari Allegretti.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hyped to finally break my annual Lenten fast of my pizza addiction. First stop off the plane was Pizzeria Ortica in Costa Mesa. Walked into find a super super clean restaurant with an official wood burning oven. Pretty, but the decor is a little too fancy pants for me. Nice if you are in the area and have your pleated Khakis and salmon Polo on, but I was a rocking a drool stained not-so-white-T and some dank denim. Nonetheless, we were sat at the bar. The wine selection looked extensive but I was there for some bread and cheese.

Despite the suit only clientele the pizza was pretty good. Super thin crust, slightly thick on the cheese but not too overwhelming and decent sauce. The crust crust is what sold me. Most Margherita end crust is usually too thin with a taste that resembles charcoal briquettes. This crust was like a classic NY slice. Good chew.

I prefer just a classic Margherita (Tom, Mozz & Basil) but we got a slight variation to taste as well- Prosciutto di Parma e rucola: Margherita with Parma ham and wild arugula. Good 'ish.

Def a new first stop from a trans Jet Blue to LGB from JFK, but nothing beats the original Roscoe's for the post-flight lunch. Hit up prob my favorite restaurant on Day 2. Herb Special with a side of rice and gravy. Too good esp with a Sunrise to wash it down.

A great two days on our visit here from the dreary neighborhood we call home. Happy to be in Cali for a few, but please shoot me on sight if I happen to walk into Ts for a fresh set of leather Mandals and some additional hippie accoutrement.


Cru Jones Closet.

You Buy Now.

Sorry Bruns.