Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Apple 5th Ave Flagship Store + 12:20pm=Nerds

The cube.


Mac'ing off.

Sopranos Bridge.

New York

Gateway to New Jersey.....

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Always Say Honey or Baby.

I just had to rip this from our temporary kit. So So Good.

Weekly R&B Banger #2

Friday, February 23, 2007

Shamrock Shake Season. The Green Monster

First Shamrock Shake of the year yo. If only I could mix my other seasonal favorite of Creme Eggs with this. Wait a minute. Will it Blend??????.....

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Juicy Couture

Caught some Craze @ Creek today. Sliding around on blown slushy snow in the pouring rain was definitely questionable. Think today may have been the first time I have ever had to put my goggles in the dryer. I snapped a back 50 and a back lip on the long round flat bar though. Gotta earn my daily BUD somehow.

Creek has been known to present some of the most curious snow outfits from Jersey's Finest from Letterman Jackets, Acid Washed Jeans, to tear away B-Ball pants. Well, today was no different as some dumb bitch decided to floss her Juicy Couture Sweatpant outfit on her first day skiiing, in the pouring rain. I dunno who she was planning to impress with her wet fat ass, but it sure wasn't me.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

All up in your grill.

So bummed I am out of town for this..

Made you look.

With as many ads as you see in a given day, I can truly appreciate when someone actually thinks about where the ad is going and how someone can become a part of it instead of just an observer.

Thanks to Kevvy Kev for the link.

Stuck On You

New Heat from Prodigy.

This Is Why I'm Hot

Here's some pics from the show care of the SpeedLounge. Thanks yo.

Mah Shit.

Nice Ass.

This dude had an even more hellish time getting there than me. An ice chunk flew off an 18 wheeler and went through his windshield. He had to pull over, kick the shit out, then mission the rest of the way there. Fucking Craze!

Some of the *ahem* PA talent. At least the PA girls were friendly.

My Future Wedding Cake

How my day is going.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Day off.

Monday was President's Day. Office was boarded up, Yo and Eva are in Buffalo and I had the day to conquer. And a rainy one at that.

-Dropped off a load of shit at Goodwill.
-Cleaned the kitchen.
-Rented some movies that I have been meaning to see for a while (Departed and Capote). Probably will watch them on the way to NJ at the end of the week.
-Bought a new desk and console table for the home office kit and assembled said items. (which will probably relate to item #1 in about 5 or so years. Ironic)
-Got some groceries for the week. (keeping it clean for Baldface, lots of fruit and no bullshit)
-Took the dog to Paws Pet Resort to play for the day.
-Cleaned out some old crap from the garage.
-Stretched. 33 in 2 months. Preventive maintenance.
-The Finntern came over and we caught up on an episode of The Office.
-Geeked out on the turntables until about 1.
-Called it a day.

(Sidebar: One highlight was the torrential downpour that occured right when I was picking up my desk. Does'nt rain for like 6 months here and then the skies open up when I have to load 5 huge boxes into my car. Awesome.)

On a Mission.

Headed up to the great state of Washington last week for yet another on snow demo at Mission Ridge. Landed around 7pm on Monday, grabbed a rental and headed on out for the 2.5 hour trip.

I stopped at Snoqualmie Pass to see if I could squeeze in some runs but I missed it by about 20 minutes, maybe next time. About 2 hours later I was in beautiful downtown Wenatchee (aka Wet-Snatch-ee) elbow deep in reps at the hotel bar. Back in my element. The next morning I headed up the access road and what seemed to be a dreary ass NW day turned into a sunny, fun one. Mission Ridge is a great mountain. Small, good terrain and easy to get around. Lots of sick terrain. The snow conditions were'nt ideal, but for demo'ing product it was perfect. Lots of groomers and Warburton and I found a huge roller under the lift that was on the larger side of anything that I have ever hit. At least 4 window roll downs before touchdown on one hit. Sizeable.

Tuesday night was a great Italian dinner in town that gave Green the shits. Wednesday we rode some more with the crew from Snowboard Connection and Mike and I found some pow stashes in the woods off the top. Stowe days revisited. One of the best things about Mission Ridge is that it sits right in apple country, and there are fresh sliced apples at the top of most of the lifts. Nice touch. The demo started to wind up around 3pm and I hit the road back to Seattle in blizzard conditions. Nothing I have'nt done before. Planes were caught, bags were claimed, and another demo was settled.

Bacon Strips.

So there was this girl in high school who got her underwear stolen out of the locker room by some mean ass girls. While that would normally be funny enough to constitute a good story, there is a little more. Well the aforementioned undies contained a special surprise, in the form of some custom poo stripes on the interior. After several groups of people saw them being kicked around the lunchroom, she was quickly given the nickname "Bacon Strips". Harsh.

Anyway, here are some Band Aids that look like bacon. No idea where to get them, I'm thinking Spencer's. You can get that and some Viva la Bam merch. Score.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Who Run It.

Well, it's show season again and every trip up is nothing less than an adventure. This one was no different as it was scheduled right in the middle of a winter snowstorm that was hitting East PA. I was hesitant to make the mission albeit solo with no place to stay. However, I just got jumped into a new team: http://t-emotion.com/ They are nothing short of car scene royalty and I'm hyped to rep.

Well, the drive started out uneventful, but slowly turned into a nightmare. Halfway into the trip, I was informed that the main road I was supposed to drive on, had been closed for the past few days with black iced roads, many many accidents and numerous people stranded in their cars. Some shit straight out of the weather channel. What was supposed to be a 3 hour drive took about 8 hours as I had to drive down towards Philly then back NorthWest to Harrisburg. Holla.

But the show made it all worth it as I got to meet a grip of new heads & bitches, copped a trophy, and saw some craze. The car show was a small part of a big event that hosted an indoor dirt RC track the size of a high schol gym, a paved shifter car track, and a Supercross track! Straight bananas. While most shows we are bored out of out minds, here there was so much to do. We would just grab a Cheezsteak, a BUD, and do our best Redneck impression and blended right in. It was surreal to have some of the most impressive JDM tuned cars and triple jumping moto heads all in the same complex.

Woody Itsteez

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

On the road yet again...


Part of me just died a little today. Caught these pics on that Honeyee site. DQM and Trackstar NYC did a collabo to produce some craze. It's reminiscent of the GT Pro Performer steez from the 80s. I had a white on white bike with Skyway mags, the whole deal. Purple is Piff, but I'd build a white on white throwback kit.

But just like SUPREME X Brookyln Machine Works Collabo Cruiser they did in the late 90s, this bike probably won't be for sale for the general public. I've met Dave and Keefe numerous times to try and get the hook-up, but I'm sure this whip is one of a kind. Boo-Hoo. But I promise to build some madness but it'll be more rugged than flash, just gangsta like a PK Ripper or a Hutch Trick Star.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Aerial photography son.

Caught this one on the way back from Vermont a few weeks ago. It is ironic that I got photos of the flight out, and the flight home, but none of the actual time in Vermont. Way to go. Anyways, that's Big Bear off in the distance on the left, and Snow Summit on the right. You can also see Snow Valley as well as the defunct Big Air Green Valley on this flight path. It looks hikable and might have to be a spring recon mission.

R&B Banger of the Week

Monday, February 12, 2007

Totally Flaming.

Half and Half plate from Flame Broiler. The perfect 5 minute lunch. In and out in under 15 minutes. I don't eat that fast every day but I had a plane to catch and I am over the United box lunches.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Video Classics Volume 2.

They definitely filmed this part in a day. Just a bunch of dudes cruising around hitting realistic stuff. All of these tricks were learned by our crew after this video. You could kill hours learning some of them, and days on others. There was no better time in skating. We would go to the Southtowns Irish ghetto by Seneca Street around 11 and stay until dark every day. Five dollars had to last all day long. Lots of Wilson Farms runs for 25 cent Little Debbie's. I was 14.

Video Classics Volume 1.


Frankie Hill kind of came on the scene out of nowhere. I remember his style seemed so unpredictable. The stair line in Public Domain was one of the first I had scene, and when he kickflips the last set, well I was pretty much sold on him being the next big thing.

Ban This

Public Domain

Then Ban This and Propaganda came out. Even sicker. He was the first street skater to hit things at speed, which I think is what made him stand out over the rest of the Powell pretty boys. Anyway, I guess he is a dental hygienist now or some shit. How do you go from this to digging around in people's grills?

In Full (lake) Effect.

So I'm on the puddle jumper from my connection in Chicago on my way to Albany for the Stratton on snow demo and we fly over Buffalo. Check out this shot of a massive Lake Effect snow band sitting over the Southtowns. This weather anomaly is probably the reason I am in the snowboard industry. I remember waking up and being ready to skate all day and looking out the window to about 3+ feet of snow. What to do? Buy a Woody 145 and hit the golf course down the street for about 10 hours straight.

The bands usually started right at the Steel plant (as this one did) and stretched about 20 miles south just past Kissing Bridge. One wind shift could move the whole thing, which is basically a natural snowmaking machine, about 30 miles in either direction. We would watch TV and hope the lake never got above freezing, as it was the warm water vapor hitting the freezing cold air that got the flakes a flying. At one point I wanted to make "I Love the Lake Effect" tee shirts as I was sure I would sell shitloads to all the shreds in the area. I've had better ideas. I was'nt the only one who had respect obviously, as the bar at the base of Kissing Bridge (the resort I lived 10 minutes from) named their slopeside watering hole after the great storm maker.

Hillbilly Hideaway.

So my dad sends me this JPEG of Garth Brook's new house in Owasso, Oklahoma. I am going to guess this monstrousity is over 20,000 square feet. When I lived there Owasso was mostly open fields and a tiny little town. The most eventful thing that happened there was when S.E. Hinton and crew rolled into town to film The Outsiders. Pretty cool. My middle school is in it.

Back to the point, who designed this mess? It looks like about 15 catalog tract homes stacked on top of each other. And they are definitely keeping with the Oklahoma landscape aesthetic of burnt grass. Nice.

Saturday, February 10, 2007