Sunday, March 30, 2008

Killing yourself? Not on my watch!

The funny thing is that he had "FUCK OFF" on his tee shirt, and they boxed that out. I guess shooting a gun out of a suicidal hessians hand is fine, just don't let the kiddies see those doggone cuss words on the moving picture box.


So I ran into these guys at the Ben and Jerry's office when Yolanda worked there, and they were totally baked. Then we ran into Ben on Church Street about 6 months later and talked to him for a couple of minutes. He was holding 2 pepperoni pizzas with 3 containers of Chinese food on top of them. Again, totally baked. Big surprise. I think you'd have to be to invent Cookie Dough ice cream.

Check out the before and after. Sometimes only appearances change.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Friday, March 28, 2008

The New York Auto Show.

Every year, the Auto Show comes to New York and ever time I leave proclaiming the same thing: "Why did I even go to that bullshit?" It's pretty much the same preview as if you were in every showroom and what do I care about fucking Fords or Chevys? But yet every year I go back. This year I thought I go with my most asshole-ly car-minded friends so we can clown everybody who happens to walk in front of us. Also we were eager to see the new Skyline, Audi R8, and new BMW 1Series; 300HP twin-turbo. If it came in AWD, I'd have bought one already.

Any visit to the Javits Center warrants a pre-game @Atomic Wings. I went easy and ordered the Atomic Wings Chicken Little lunch special. I know, as a wing lover, it's a bitch to order boneless; but I didn't want my fingers to smell like they were dipped in the "red zone" all day. With a few hours to kill, I didn't want to smell, "Not So Fresh."

Although the show was mostly whatevs, it was a good call to bring some comedians as everybody felt the wrath, from Santa who sat in the G-Wagon with us to the hood-rats who kept blasting T-Pain out of every car they were let into. I unfortunately missed the clutch photo of the day with all 12 of them climbed upon a quad for a group photo taken by a friend on his Sidekick; but I did manage to snap some gems:

Here's Ramon taking a day off from his job as a sous-chef at a ghetto Japanese restaurant taking pics to send back to his family in Guatemala to show them how well he is doing.

"Hey Bindhu, how do Charith and I look in this convertible?"

"Like some med-school rejects who couldn't get a woman even if she was under anesthesia."

"I'm still getting one of these once I graduate Dental School."

"Hey Honey, did you find any cool iPhone cases?"

"Here's a sick one with a pot leaf."

"I was looking for something more with dancing bears."

Note yes they were a couple. He was a douchebag 40yo with dual Bluetooth ear bangers. She was a hair over 18 and is dating him because he has his own apartment and has tons of weed. He's dating her because it's good for business, even if it requires him to wear matching tie dye Zubazz. Heyyy Brotherrrrr.

Numero 28.

Easter is nice time of year as it brings family together for good food, good times, and celebration. However, for a certain few tards like myself, it is the closer for 40 days of penance during Lent. Every year I try to give up something I love but isn't good for me. Last year was chocolate and this year it was pizza.

After a month of torture, I was eager to get back to my slice slinging ways. But no corner slice would do for my pizza cherry. After the show we headed down to Carmine & Bleeker to hit up No.28, voted one of the Top 5 pizzerias in Manhattan for it's coal oven & fresh ingredients. I had never eaten there, but I was hoping for greatness.

Located just down the block from Magnolia Bakery and just around the corner from the infamous but now leveled brick "Birdshit Banks," R.I.P. lies No.28. It's a nice place, a very welcoming restaurant with it's hard wood, exposed brick, and tile art.

There's dual facing 50inch flat screens up on the wall playing Italian tv, most importantly soccer. Here the rule rang true, if the patrons are of the same nationality as the food served, it has to be good. Here EVERYBODY spoke Italian. The owner walked in and sat while we were waiting for our pizza. After a few moments, they served him this crazy meal. Think of a plate laced with sliced pepperoni and two fried eggs in the middle, served with a basket of fresh steaming bread. I was jelly.

After a short period, probably about 2 beers time, our 29inch pie finally arrived. Well worth the wait. The crust was perfect. Slightly thicker than most coal oven thin crust styles, to give it that perfect chew, fresh sauce, Buffalo Mozzarela imported weekly from Naples, and that all important fresh Basil. Our pie lasted no longer than it a few minutes due to it's sheer delicousness. I wanted to order another one, but the homies caught a bitch.

Def worth the 40 day wait, but I noticed one thing. When before I would eat from any hole in the wall, I admit to have become a bit of a slice snob. Only a good coal oven baked Margherita slice will do. With a game next week, perhaps I'll hit up Zero Otto Nove or Di Fara out in Brooklyn, voted #1 pizza in all of the Boroughs. "Buon Appetito."

"There's a 7 train?"


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Major Bandwidth reporting for duty.

For the 4th trip in a row, Baldface was an unreal time. Tons of great times, and the crew we had up there this year was top notch. Tons of strong riders from shops from across North America made the journey with us this year, and it was one for the books.

Rose and Tern rounded up everything in a handy Flickr site for all to be able to see without their computers turning into a smoking pile of plasma.

Dan Mac internet nerd pow slashin'.

Al D. getting after it Queens style.

Tim Gallagher (Wave Rave) and his shot that was selected as the Baldface photo of the week. On a side note, Tim has one of the dopest houses of anyone I know, even the LA Times seems to think so.

The Class 2 avalanche that took Nate (Coan Ent.) and Chris Paul Brown (Backcountry) for a little ride.

The sleepy backwater of Nelson, British Columbia. All you need is there, and nothing more. Love it.

Christian found a little slice of his homeland when we hit up the hockey game that the guides were in the last night we were there.

If you were there you are stoked. Even though Evan and I were talking today and it seems like a year ago already. Kind of hard to head up to Big Bear now, but as I've said before, it's all in the crew you are with, not where you are at.

Earth Day is coming, don't hurt yourself jumping on the bandwagon.

Saw this on one of my nerd sites the other day and had to order it up. What looks like a paper cup is actually a full on double insulated reusable ceramic cup with a silicone top. This is another one of those things that I can see getting out of control and selling like wildfire. It took me a while to find this, and the company is backordered until about June from what I could find out. The clincher was that it has no wack logo or artwork on it.

Now for those in the know, I like the devil's nectar (coffee) about as much as a swift kick in the baby batter bag, but I do drink tea on the daily, so it will definitely get some mileage around the office. Hopefully our US Citizenship-deficient cleaning crew does'nt throw it in the circular file on accident.

Buy one right here from Art Effect Chicago. Great service by the way.

The Cru runs deep.

Just let me hit that Kix cereal bowl jump once, that's all I ask. Look at that hand painted 7-11 logo. I bet about 4 baked set dressers painted that at about 3 in the morning. Totally jank.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hepped up on goofballs.

For many, my brand-boner for Red Bull (for the marketing and branding, the product sucks, that just makes me respect them more what they pull off) is pretty obvious. I mean, I took a special trip to Austria on my own dime just to go to Air and Style on more than one occasion for fuck sake.

So, in keeping with their normal, when all of the cola companies are chasing the energy drink market, guess what Red Bull decides to make? All natural and extra caffeine. First it was Red Bull and Vodka, now it's going to be Jack and Red Bull Cola. Damn these guys are good.

Monday, March 24, 2008

One off.

How much does a custom built Pininfarina Ferrari go for these days? About $4 million. Some of the highlight features are an on board computer with a complete 3D model of the car and a full parts list for easy reference, as well as seats that were built off of scans of the owners and his son's bodies. Check the complete details here.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Extreme Action Sports

"Hmmm... I wonder why this run is closed. Oh well, I'm going anyway."

Sweet creamy yolk.

Get them while you can. Packed with pure sugar inside and out.

Happy Easter to Y'all!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Police Blotter. Literally.


In other sneaker news...Can someone please explain to me what this Pocahontas shit is all about? As a grumpy old man, I'm afraid of the day when I won't know what's up. I'll be that clueless fart talking about how 98' was the best year ever, playing Mr.Dibbs mixes, still rocking my Air Max's, and complaining, "Back in the day we would be able to drink 40s in the street, ollie the wall @ the Small Banks in rush hour, and skate Seaport until the sun came up. Now you fags got your own skatepark." Oh wait that was yesterday.

"Go For It, Ese."

Last year after nearly dying from allergies, getting stuck in Michigan for 6+ hours, & almost getting arrested, I pretty much swore off Baldface. But after some heavy pressuring, I made it
out this year and prob had one of the best trips ever. Hella snow and hella laughs- I'm a Baldface subscriber for sure. Thanks DMC!

More pics & stories to follow if only I can find my $30 Firewire to USB cable that I refuse to buy yet again. I swear all those years of THC abuse have slowly come back to haunt me. Kids, Don't Do Drugs, Mmkay? 5 seconds.

For those with short attention spans...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


When the Finn told me that Lakai was reissuing the Koston One (originally on 'eS), I have to say I was pretty surprised. Such a good idea though. I'll always have a special place for this one. This was the best selling shoe I had when I worked for Sole Tech, and it pretty much helped me be able to not sleep in my car and subsist on beef jerky and Ponderosa $5.99 lunch buffets on road trips. Not to mention it was sick for skating and came in a ton of good colors.

We won't talk about the Lakers colorway or the clear sole debacle of '98) Now if only they had hit it better on the Koston 2....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

Blue #2 and Yellow #5

My favorite mixture of iced chemicals was not too hard to find this year. The golden arches at the end of Research Drive had the seasonal concoction all along.

Is this legal?

So Al, Yo, Eva and I are in downtown San Clemente on Saturday and we see a 5 series BMW with 9 (that we could see, there may have been more) dogs in it. We were pretty sure that this belonged to this Real Housewives of Orange County looking hag that we saw in Coffee Bean, but who knows. The noise in that house alone must be mind numbing, like listening to Fran Drescher read Homer's Odyssey from beginning to end through a megaphone with too much treble. Boy, that was a bad theater choice.