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Funky Fridays #200.

"I don't wanna ill. I just wanna chill." Happy #200.

Weekly R&B #100.

Guy "Let's Chill". On Repeat.

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Greener Grass.

Leave it to a Bostonian and a Floridian to make me miss home. I always used to clown tourists because of how the movies portray New York- how exciting it looks, how much "energy" there is, the romance of New York City. Then you get there and it's not pretty as it looked from your living room watching "When Harry Met Sally". From the sour scent of garbage juice to the constant barrage of noise it makes you go nuts. As a resident since 96, I would always yearn for some peace and quiet, a more normal life.

It was always such a struggle to make ends meet just to live there. Out of the house at 4:30am, back at 10:30pm. With any break in the schedule, I would rush home to get a moment of peace in my non-peaceful apartment. From the constant attack of construction audio, to the chanting of the Indians who held daily prayer meetings, to the kids out back smoking weed talking about trying to blaze some girl from biology class; it never seemed like I could get my head on straight. Skate Midtown after a 15 hour work day? Fuck that. I just want to get home to my wife, eat a home-cooked meal, and watch Law & Order SVU like the rest of the world. But now I can't help missing home. As it will be more fun to visit as a visitor, but it will kill me to be a tourist in my own home city.

Be careful of what you wish for, I guess. I've always wanted to live in California. So here we are. Not in a beachside house as I dreamed but in an apartment in Los Angeles in yet another city. Don't get me wrong though my quality of life is amazing, our apartment is a palace compared to the various shitholes I've taken residence in, and I finally have peace of mind. But it will be a long time until I will be able to call myself a Los Angelino.

Gold at 3:00. "Let's Go Pajamas!"

Funky Fridays #99.

Weekly R&B #99.

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