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My vote for YouTube clip on the year. Thanks to J.Lotz for this gem.

Hey Heyyyyyy.

Go Ozar!

Omar Salazar's New Spitfire Wheel - Strike Anywhere from dlxsf on Vimeo.

"One eye strong, the other took a nap."

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Mayor.

Big ups to DJ Mike Rizzy for this mix. Mayor Hawthorne is a great throwback to timeless Motown oldies. As if Brenton Wood was alive today. Good Shit.

"Mayer Hawthorne just makes great soul music. The crazy thing is that he's really a hardcore Hip Hop fan and DJ. It's no surprise that he got his start getting signed by Peanut Butter Wolf to the independent label Stones Throw. What I enjoy about his music is that people from all walks of life can relate to his music young and old. As a crate digger I can easily identify with his style because this is the type of music I dig for to listen to and sample. As I write this Mayer is slated to appear on Letterman tomorrow so I think he's well on his way to becoming a household name soon so get in the know.

Thin Moon
Shiny And New -
Don't Turn The Lights On
I Wish It Would Rain
Get To Know You
A Long Time
No Strings
No Strings (DJ Jazzy Jeff Remix)
Gangsta Luv (Mayer Hawthorne Remix) Snoop Dogg feat. Mayer Hawthorne
Maybe So Maybe No
Your Lovin Ain't Pleasin Nothin
Make Her Mine
Work To Do
Just Ain't Gonna Work Out
I Still Love You - Nottz feat. Mayer Hawthorne
When The Night Falls
The Walk
Henny & Gingerale
Finally Falling
You Called Me
Can't Stop - feat. Snoop Dogg
You're Not Ready
I Need You
I Left My Heart In San Francisco


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Funky Fridays #162.

Goon Clip.

It's always good to the young ones keeping the dream alive. No mortgage payments, no car payments, no worries. And big thanks for the fat boy cameo somewhere in there. Good Times.

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Tip Deep.

Big ups to DMC for this amazing find.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Yeah Bolts!

Homey Andrew from CT finally gets some coverage @TWS. This guy kills it in person. 10 trick lines, no problem. Somebody please hook this kid up. Super humble ripper.

Funky Fridays #161.


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Park Locs.

These are the dudes you hate when you just wanna chill & roll around, but damn.

Rainy Day Mix.

As per the Matthew Africa blog. Enjoy.

"Recently a friend asked me if I could provide him with some music for his wedding, an hour or so of soul songs for the dinner hour.

Normally I would have just said no or looked for a polite way to suggest to him that I make my living doing something he was asking me to do for free, but this is a good friend and someone who's shown me a lot of support over the years.

So I made a mix of old soul songs, heavy on the classics but with a sprinkling of lesser-known gems. I slipped up and played one cheating song (or, more correctly, an "I-want-to-cheat-with-you-but-I'm-not-gonna-because-my-lady-is-too-valuable-to-me" song), but it sounds like a love song and in a way it is. These are some of my favorite songs.

1. Willie Hutch – I Choose You
2. The Intruders – Together
3. George Benson – My Woman’s Good to Me
4. Stevie Wonder – Hey Love
5. Aretha Franklin – Baby I Love You
6. Otis Redding – You Made a Man Out of Me
7. The Brothers of Soul – A Lifetime
8. The Icemen – She’s a Fox
9. The Charmels – As Long As I’ve Got You
10. Wilson Pickett – I’m in Love
11. The Four Puzzles – Especially For You, Baby
12. Jay Lewis – Oh
13. Sam & Dave – A Small Portion of Your Love
14. Smokey Robinson & the Miracles – More Love
15. The Mad Lads – Make the Young Lady Mine
16. Stevie Wonder – My Cherie Amour
17. The Four Tops – Ain’t No Woman (Like the One I’ve Got)
18. The Checkmates Ltd. – Got to See You Soon
19. Bobby Reed – The Time Is Right For Love
20. Sly & the Family Stone – Everybody Is a Star
21. The Five Stairsteps – Ooh Child
22. The Jackson 5 – I Found That Girl
23. The Impressions – I’m So Proud
24. The Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes For You"

Mi Vida Loca.



Big thanks to Norm for the link.

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@UPNORTHTRIPS 10s: Best Queens Combos.

UPNORTHTRIPS comes correct with another great best 10 list with the exception of Kool G Rap on Mobb Deep's, "The Realest" on Murda Musik. One of the best collabos if not one of the best tracks ever.

"The Galaxy of Queens has a healthy handful of superstar street rappers, each with their own style. There’s the rapid fire flow of Kool G. Rap, the introspective genius of Nas, the reckless gangster mentality of Mobb Deep, and the thugged out energy of Noreaga. And don’t forget about hood legends Large Professor, Tragedy, Cormega, Capone, Big Noyd, and Nature, all of whom influenced the likes of modern day Queens rappers such as 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and Action Bronson. And though their voices and rap patterns may differ, they all share a common love for banging beats and heavy slang. So for our latest edition of The 10s, we present some of the finest two-man collaborations that display this bond with QU Duets: 10 Killer Queens Combos, a follow up to our Wu Duets we dropped last week. Enjoy, dun duns.

1. Prodigy f/ Noreaga “What U Rep”
Album: H.N.I.C.
Year: 2000
Breakdown: Pee and Nore pop off and rep their projects to the fullest on this one.
UNT Quotable: “Stick it to you, black magic like voodoo, ya’ll can’t fuck with us ‘cause y’all cats straight doo doo.” -Noreaga

2. Kool G. Rap f/ Nas “Fast Life”
Album: 4, 5, 6
Year: 1995
Breakdown: The two biggest rappers in Queens flaunt their skills and skrilla on this flashy Buckwild track. Smell the success.
UNT Quotable: “Two major players gettin’ paper by the layers.” -Kool G. Rap

3. Big Noyd f/ Prodigy “Recognize & Realize”
Album: Episodes Of A Hustla
Year: 1995
Breakdown: These two QB brethren go rhyme for rhyme on this mixtape classic from Noyd’s solo project. Recognize the real.
UNT Quotable: “Lookin’ for trouble, ‘fraid so, you found a couple, me and Rappin’ Noyd blastin’ off like NASA space shuttles.” -Prodigy

4. Cormega f/ Large Professor “Sugar Ray and Hearns”
Album: Legal Hustle
Year: 2004
Breakdown: Mega and Extra P throw a few jabs and uppercuts on this J-Love jewel. It’s short, but it packs a punch.
UNT Quotable: “Ghetto philosopher like marijuana I’m sparkin’ ya, verbal conquerer, drama choreographer.” -Cormega

5. Large Professor f/ Nas “One Plus One”
Album: The LP
Year: 1996
Breakdown: Nas made his breakthrough appearance with Large Pro on Main Source’s “Live At The Barbeque,” and he returns years later to lay a verse on this mellow cut for LP’s solo LP, which originally was shelved in ‘96 but is now available worldwide.
UNT Quotable: “Truly, reppin’ QB, my life is like a movie.” -Nas

6. Half A Mill f/ Ali Vegas “Tuff Guy”*
Album: Milion
Year: 2000
Breakdown: At one point, Ali Vegas was being dubbed as the second coming of Nas. But as nice as he might have been, he never made the impact that was predicted. Still, youngin’ definitely shows his potential on this cut with the late, great, and extremely underrated Half A Mill.
UNT Quotable: “Six million ways to die, which way you want, spray players, have you runnin’ with one gator on.” -Half A Mill

7. Noreaga f/ Nas “Body In The Trunk”
Album: N.O.R.E.
Year: 1998
Breakdown: Here’s how the story goes. N.O.R.E. reaches out to Nas after murking some cat and throwing him in his trunk in the mall parking lot. Turns out Esco knows the kid, and now they have to dispose of the body without getting knocked. This is definitely some movie shit.
UNT Quotable: “This ain’t no game god, dump his body in the train yard.” -Nas

8. Nas and Prodigy “Tick Tock”
Album: 1st Infantry
Year: 2004
Breakdown: Alchemist brings the big guns into his lab for this highly slept on collaboration of mics. To the, tick tock, ya don’t stop!
UNT Quotable: “Cock your seat back, relax while I spit, the spitting image of how I live.” -Prodigy

9. Nature f/ Noreaga “I’m Leaving”
Album: The Album (The Firm)
Year: 1997
Breakdown: Trackmasters provides the beat for Firm rookie Nature and Lefrak animal thug N.O.R.E. to do what they do best.
UNT Quotable: “We used to pop bottles and slugs the same night.” -Nature

10. Cormega f/ Prodigy “Thun and Kicko”
Album: The Realness
Year: 2001
Breakdown: Prodigy joins Mega to celebrate the thun language and expose frauds who talk tough on wax. Brace yourself.
UNT Quotable: “You’s a notebook crook, with loose leaf beef, a backseat criminal who pass the heat, to somebody who blast the heat, man it sound bad on the pad, what happened in the street?” -Prodigy

*Editor’s Note: Shout to @TEFLONDONPOST for correcting us. Yes, Half A Mill was from Albany Projects in Brooklyn, our bad. But we’ll consider him an honorary QU rapper for the purposes of this episode of The 10s. Like we said before, we never claimed to be experts, we just love this shit. Good looks, enjoy the mix. RIP Half A Mill."


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Happy Birthday Q-Bert!



They f'n blew it.

I'll be a Yanks fan for life, but it's so painful to watch your team all year, get so hyped for a Fall Classic, and just watch them fail miserably. The only consolation prize is that we didn't spend the $200 on tickets like we planned. It would have been miserable watching it all unravel in person. It was much easier to take while washing the dishes.

Funky Fridays #159.

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Wu n B.

"RnB acapellas blended over Wu beats. Very enjoyable listen if you enjoy blend tapes."