Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All shook up.

So about 30 minutes after today's 5.4 earthquake, I noticed some CalTrans trucks on the 405 HOV Overpass across from the office. Let's just say this expansion joint was'nt that big yesterday. 4 hours later, they are still working on it. Always good to make sure you don't get Passat's doing endo's going 80 heading towards San Diego. Other than this, all is well, no major damage.

Click the shot to see more details.

Weekend at Bernie's.

After some heavy prodding I accompanied Mi Novia to the infamous Fiya Iyland to a get-together organized by her co-workers. As most native NYers will attest, there's a few things you don't do: you don't go to see the Statue of Liberty, you don't go see Phantom of the Opera, and you def don't go to F.I. But, opportunity called and next thing I knew I was riding on the Fairy Ferry with about a dozen girls.

Waiting game at the ferry. Note all the "Terry's" sans roller skates & taco stand.

When in Rome: Jager Bombs. Life of the post-sorority girl.

Apparently, the B-More craze and Wu-Tang dance were originated in gay bars from djs like Bamabounce. I got to witness the madness first-hand. After a few, I started to notice the shirts coming off and the fag hags starting to depart, so I high-tailed it out of there...

...But not without a slice. One of Js co-workers holla'd about this pizza joint. I figured it would prob be my first & last visit here, so I went to see what's up. They had these insane garlic knot slices with the gk's right on the crust. CRAZE. The dough was decent but a little heavy on the cheese and light on the sauce, but the dusting of fresh garlic made up for it. To top it off, they served Ramblin' Root beer on tap.

I admit participating in the FI night life was a throwback to my years as an outsider living in Chelsea, but overall it was an interesting experience to thay the leathst. But nothing all my hours of watching Bravo programming could prep me for. Theriously.

Girls can be gay too. FS 5-0 to backside lipslide.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pick a Winner!

Nagle Jr. participating in one of America's favorite pastimes.

Daaah Bombers.

Good times @the Stadium after taking 2 out of 3 against the Sox.

edit: The Yankees ended up bombing to a 13-4 loss against Baltimore.

Sadly, I was unable to partake in my usual Stadium value meal of a Miller and a foot long because I was on the tail end of a terrible caffeine withdrawal. While I normally have a cup in the mornings to offset a 4:30am wake-up, after a lazy weekend I seem to have forgot my fix. However, I woke up Monday morning to the nausea, chills, and that unique headache that only a lack of crack-feine can bring on.

Only after slowly shuffling to to local Dunkin Donuts and barfing my first iced coffee up, was I able to shake the shakes. I took about 40 minutes to down my second iced kit & a plain toasted bagel with nothing. I swear, as much as I think I don't biologically need coffee; my system comes back to fuck with me with an episode straight out of intervention.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

How many times does this happen before they HAVE to make a sign?

Chill mode.

Took the popup down to Capistrano Beach for the day and did a whole lot of nothing. Played in the ocean with Eva, got some ice cream from the non State Park sanctioned ice cream man, some reading, some lunch, some dog walking, and some napping. Tough Sunday.

Carmen, not sure what this face is for.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

So much coke.

This is what an eleven minute guitar solo looks like. I can only imagine what was going on backstage during this.

Weekly R&B Banger #38.

Bordering on violating WHTCN ordinance #43: "No Reggae", Che'Nelle's Rooftop Jam makes the countdown. Just imagine an evening breeze with an open bar and a party with %80 ladies ready to get down like a cold winter evening @ the Rub. Not so bad now, huh?

Hawaiian Slice.

I'm getting antsy waiting for this damn movie esp with the crazy marketing blitz they are working on tv, but at least these two clowns have a new release.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Try to keep up.


Redneck Riviera

These shots came in this morning from big 'sis Pam down in Orlando. I guess the amenities at the hotels at Disney World just are'nt cutting it for some people. One trip to Wal-Mart and 513 ice buckets of water later, you have your own bedside aquatic refuge. do we empty it?

I pity the cleaning lady that found this. Zoila probably had to regulate.

The real Batmobile.

Went to pick up my car from the dealer yesterday and had to do the lap around the showroom. MB of Laguna Niguel always has the heat, but this is the best I've seen. 2009 Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR Convertible. Sunday I was coming home from surfing and one of these blew by me doing about 100. It looks just as good standing still.

Sticker Price: $500,925.

The Helm. Worth clicking to go bigger.

F1 Pedigree.

Just to remind you before you drive're fucking loaded.


Everyone has this crazy doomsday atttude about the recession we are supposedly going through. I am buying it, although it is tough when you see people driving Maybach 57's as their commuter cars.

Bitch Slap.

For years it never even occurred to me that perhaps WNBA players may be of the other persuasion. Last night's crazy brawl smashed any doubts I may have had before. Wa-Bam!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Miami Hopper.

Back years ago when Dan & I visited Japan, one rainy night we searched for a Tokyo Hands to do some shopping and witnessed this guy cruising down this hill and get straight crushed into this fence. We were dying to say the least and randomly finding this image got me good.

Eli Killed It.

Fart Machine.

I swear everyone @Babies R Us thought it was me.

Sony Craze.

Sony's f*u* to everyone's IPOD. Peep the "Rolly". An MP3 kit on crack.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hot Face.

It's been pretty f'n hot in town for the past few days. Pretty brutal. Like when you have the defroster on blast in the middle of winter, but you're just walking down the street. Had the gracious opportunity to chill with Will & the fam @ Club Nagle- spending days @the swim club, bbq-ing and trying to work the Wii Fit after a couple High Life's. Straight comedy. At one point during lunch @ the pool; the water was cleared. I was thinking "doodie" but it was only a snake. It was back to cannonballs soon enough.

During some downtime web surf action, I came upon this gem- one of the best DJs ever, DJ Premier breaking down some of his legendary tracks. During a return from a recent skate road trip, the Gangstarr hit the stereo & I forgot how good his shit really was. Time to open the iTunes bank since I haven't quite figured out how to transfer my mixtape collection to digital.

Press Play.