Saturday, May 29, 2010


And I thought "Spit" from Beat Street was a bad tag name...

Friday, May 28, 2010


Just Wow.

They have their Scratch Nerds Kit up for a free download on their site if you don't have it already or your old iPod blew up like mine.

Flip Hoarders.

Not sure what's in our genes, but Flips love to hoard shit from tech to cars to kicks, it's inevitable. Your average Flip has a grip of stock of something. Livin' Trife has kind of grounded me (in a good way), but I can't help feeling a little jealousy for this guy's collection, if not just for the display. This shit is incredible.

KickFinder Fuel.

Funky Fridays #88.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hipster Jerk Offs on Judge Judy.


With Bk husting ribs, I'm praying McDs will bring back the McRib, even if "Only for a limited time".

Cuz sadly, we can't get anything close to real BBQ North of the Mason Dixon Line.

But on a recent trip to FL, we got to sample Tom Jenkins BBQ.

The down home local joint was full of good bbq smoke as you walked through the door. You could tell TJs was the place to be when the local cops, paramedics & the town drunk was there for lunch. He was bobbing & weaving waiting in line to order sipping his brown paper bagged tall boy, but was eventually asked to leave by the brothers in the house. But you can't blame him, what goes better with some bbq than a cold one?

I ordered the Chicken & Ribs combo which was bangin', but in my rush, I should have sampled the brisket; the restaurant's claim to fame. The mac & cheese was ok, better mixed with some bbq sauce. Shoulda got the mash & gravy or some collared greens.

Gotta love the napkin holders. Def finger lickin' good, but what you gonna do with that huge stain on you new white t?

Good times in Miami. Get some.

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"I don't miss being a weed smoker but I miss smoking weed."

Sorriso's Italian Salumeria.

Got some fam' coming into town for the Subway Series @Citi Field this weekend, so I did a little research on good eatin' in the neighborhood. Aside from my own favorites like Sac's Place, Rizzo's, and Sal, Kris, & Charlie's Deli aka "The Sandwich Kings"; I was curious if there was any places that I had not gone to in the neighborhood.

After a little surfing on the web, I found a grip of Greek restaurant locations (I only eat Greek in Jersey, sorry) and came upon some stellar reviews about Sorriso's Italian Deli. Many were claiming even better than Sal, K & C's. Of course, I was skeptical. How can you beat an Italian Combo the size of your leg for 6 bucks? Fuggetaboutit.

Apparently, Deniro put the deli on the map after localizing the place while filming for "The Bronx Tale". After his recommendation, many visted the place and you can't find a bad review online. From the fresh bread from Parisi Bakery (across the street), to the incredible home made Mozzarella & Soppresata, to the welcoming staff, it's apparently the shit. I had to go see myself... especially since it's only 3 blocks from the crib.

About a 7/10 on the forearm meter. Not bad. I had all intention of ordering a "Scarface" Sandwich: homemade roast pork thin sliced on a hero with melted fontina, balsamic mayo, lettuce and roasted peppers. But after walking in and seeing all the home cooked goodness in the deli cases, I had to goto one of the classics. Eggplant Parmesam Hero.

You can only imagine the heavenly scent as I unraveled this marvel of a sandwich. Garlic, Roasted Peppers, Grilled Eggplant.. F'n A. After the first bite, I couldn't eat the sandwich fast enough. Check out the chunk of fresh mozz in the sandwich. No Polly-O bullshit here.

The f'n bomb. I didn't even mind spilling some of it on my new Griptapes. I can easily say that the Deli visit was a revelation and I can only kick myself for not finding it earlier. I'll prob even try and eat there tomm. I need to sample all the goodness that they have to offer. Get some.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Buffalo in a box.

Mom hooked this up a couple of weeks ago for the birthday. Weeks of enjoyment. It looks like we haev a bicoastal Buffalo jones situation going on.

I Love You Man.

Thanks for the kit, Norm!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Funky Fridays #86.

I hope my kids are this cool.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

High Life.

I have a love/ hate for these fat kids squeezing into extra medium gear sporting the newest Jordan Hybrids or Nikes that pop up on the internet. I can't stand the "Hey, look at me expression on their faces" but I know they help support an industry that most of my friends work for and 98% are probably Flips.

But being the old man that I am, I grew up on Nikes, skating in Jordan 1s in the 80s with my Jimmy'Z pants and Hobie t-shirts my Mom bought for me from Marshalls. Rocking Nikes brings me back to my Golden Years as a youngster but I can't help feeling like a nerd trooping around town getting compliments from eleventeen yr old girls on the subway.

But when Nike SB planned to come out with a kit to rep my favorite beer, I had to jump on it. Big thanks to the guys @MIA SKATESHOP for the hook-up.

"A. C. Paul, of Miller’s marketing division, got lost in the woods during an outing and had a “vision” of a “girl in the Moon” pointing the way back to civilization. Paul eventually found his way out of the woods (perhaps after sobering up a bit) and in 1907 the Miller girl found herself with a one-way ticket to the Moon."