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I Remember You.

@therealcrailtap and @rambobitch kill it again with today's Mini Top 5. We used to blast these jams at the skatepark at the end of the night to wind the session down. Love it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


When you look at all of the random shots you upload onto Instagram at once, you realize how random the selections are. Check out Instagrid to set one up for yourself. Definitely some randoms in here.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Who Run It.


As much as I detested the unpredictable service, the inhumane conditions of the track platforms, the candy hustlers, the mariachi bands, the rush hour diaper changing Moms to the most vile and disgusting homeless last train riders; I miss the MTA train and subway service. For the price of a slice, you can go from Coney Island to Yankee Stadium. Where in LA, your means of travel is the big equalizer. In NY everyone uses the MTA to conduct business. It wasn't uncommon I would find myself in the same car as my clients. Most often I feel like Joe Volcano stranded on the island of Silverlake. I guess I'll have another Napa cabbaged grass-fed blackened chicken taco please.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Banshee of a Bungee.

Take a left on Cahuenga.

So on point. Where conversations on the East Coast begin with weather talk, conversations here begin with traffic and how you got to where you are. Like, totally.

Happy #100th Fenway!

Congrats to Fenway and Red Sox Nation. Probably my favorite Stadium to watch baseball second to the old Yankee Stadium. You can get a sense of history just walking through the halls. It's great that they have not replaced the historic Stadium for a bigger money maker. Going there last season for a late season Yanks vs. Sox game will always be one of my favorite memories. Happy to be able to catch the historic game today. Thanks for picking up the MLB Network for me Babe.

Funky Fridays #186.

Weekly R&B #86.

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It is general knowledge that Aussies rule at life. Paul Fisher aka Fish is one of those guys that just makes you glad people like that exist. Anyone that tells a local news crew that he "wants to see some ringpiece on the weekend" and that "Hurricane Irene blew in and took all the thongs with her" is generally someone to stay close to as you never know what's going to happen.

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Funky Fridays #185.

Caine's Arcade.

House Party 2.

C'mon Son Vol.43.

Just when I though I could be content with burning through the stock I already had, Nike had to go spit in my face and smash two of my favorite shoes together. The Air Max 90 is one of the best upper profiles (second to the Air Max 95) but always felt high in the heels. Great for a quick pimp, but not for an all day mission. Plantar Fasciitis flare up guaranteed.

The Koston 1 is one of the most comfortable skate shoes largely due to the Lunarlon insole but are difficult to skate in with the super thin tongue. You could size a half down or football the laces, but that ain't happening. So they frankensteined the both together to make one crazy shoe. I ain't mad the colorways are just whatevs. Just don't get any Infared ideas please. I don't have the disposable income like I used too.

Tribute came out with another sick clip with the classic Faze-O track.

""Mike Chin warming up is equally as impressive as his Burnside bangers. Check out this spy-cam view of Chin cruising Burnside in Ridin' High Vol. 1."

So insane this is a "warm-up" clip. Crazy board control.

Track #30 on this slow jams classic. DOWNLOAD.

Really real street snow edition.

Definitely some bangers in here for a teaser. Jed is always a favorite since we've known him since he was a fetus and Kuzyk's however many kink to donkey bash is ridiculous as well. Damn youngsters.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Really real street.

Damn this looks fun. Smooth like butter. I was sold by the filmers description:
"A short part filmed over the course of a few days with Joe Pease inspired by whoever filmed Mark Gonzales and Drake Jones in the Blind and Real videos respectively."

Early bird special.

 Sometimes the internet gives you something so good you wish you could shake it's hand.

Weekly R&B #85.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Your choice.

It would be great to see how many people would choose the stairs if these were everywhere.

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Happy Easters.

Can it be that it was all so simple then.

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These never get old. For anyone looking for a laugh, click on through Charlie and Berg's entire repertoire.