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After months of speculation, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs held one of his State of the Union addresses in San Francisco this morning to showcase the new iPad.

Everyone looks to the past for inspiration and apparently that includes Apple. I'm loving the chunkier design elements of the iPad. Apple also seems to have reintroduced the use of a stylus which I couldn't be happier with. The black and white screen is an upgrade over the color displays they were using on the iPhone. I've always had trouble seeing mine in the daytime. With Apps like EnRoute, NetHopper, Pocket Quicken, Notes, Names, and Dates, I'll have plenty to keep myself busy with on long flights. One of the best things about the iPad is that it uses 4 AAA batteries. I can't tell you how many times my iPod, iPhone, or MacBook Pro have run out of power and I don't have an outlet to charge them at. The iPad also comes packed with 4MB ROM and 1MB RAM. I'll definitely be heading over to the Apple store in early March to try the iPad out.

Bank to Curb.

Ya Heard?

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The Art of the ZipTie.

Cutty Ranks.

Always good to see some Cardiel footy.

intheCUTTS Episode 6: JOHN CARDIEL from InThe Cutts on Vimeo.

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Wangan Racing.

Just started getting into watching Wangan Midnight. Prob the closest thing I'll ever watch close to a soap opera.

These lunatics race on the Tokyo highways for real. So craze.

98 GC8.

Still miss my 98 Impreza 2.5 RS. Such a fun drive. Light car, nice torque and incredible handling. Maybe I'll be able to pick up one as my mid-life crisis car. While other guys will be tuning around some European Beauty, I'll be stuck under the hood of my Subaru every Sunday hoping it will start, but loving every minute of it.

R.I.P. Banks.

Time Attack.

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Weekly R&B Banger #53.

This one goes out to DMC & YoYo.

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Top 5.

Tried to put one of my long time clients on blast today after he returned from his Holiday trip through Asia with a salty, "Must Be Nice". But then he came back with, "F*U*, you can't say that you haven't been on some crazy trips & done some crazy sh** since I've known you. Then he got me thinking. Despite the last year or so crushing any sort of disposable income for extravagant travels, within the past decade I have been fortunate enough to live it up pretty good.

5. Baldface.

I've been extremely fortunate to have been to Baldface, BC not once but twice. The first trip was like a week in Killington, but the second was prob the best riding I experienced and may ever experience. Great crew & amazing conditions. For years I would watch videos with heli powder scenes and say, "Fuck this Faggot Shit". But now I have a big respect for big mountain riding & get hyped watching those huge turns. Big thanks to DMC & the Program for that one. I love a day at Creek/ Stratton but BC might just be the best place to ride ever. Def some of the best turns & some of the best times I have ever had.

4. Tokyo.

Prior to going to Japan, I have never really left the country aside from a few trips to Toronto during college. I've always had a fascination with Japanese culture from the anime to the food and esp the cars. This was right in the middle of my car modding phase peak and I was able to travel to Japan and secure some of the rarest parts ever produced and go to Subaru fan heaven: the ScLaBo "Car Do" dealership in Tachikawa, Japan. This place was amazing and had all of the rarest cars on display and for sale. Still kick myself for not getting an international license.

Japan is an amazing place: Tokyo is a mezmerizing city of energy, people & culture. Coming back to Manhattan, NYC almost felt tame & underpopulated. The Japanese are incredibly polite, the city is very very clean. Every experience from shopping to the travel was nuts. It's all a blur, but I remember being fascinated every moment. A must visit for anyone with a love of travel.

3. The East Coast (*for free).

After building my car, I was blessed by winning a few car shows, got some corporate sponsors & was able to tour the Eastern seaboard all on the company's dime doing shows for a few years. Partied a bunch, made some great friends & had a great time. My carpet queen is now my regular car as I sold my beater & the car show scene all but has dried up. Oh, the memories.

Never quite made the cover, but my good buddy, Billy did. Close enough.

4. Hawaii.

Can't go on enough about how epic Hawaii is. Maybe soon I'll get back to closing out my tour article without smacking myself for not jumping ship & ripping that "Help Wanted" sign off the front door at Sunglass Hut Waikiki.

5. Getting Hitched.

Took my girl to the Brooklyn Bridge, dropped the bomb, grabbed a pizza & never looked back. After the many years of looking forward to trip after trip, it's nice to have a reason to stay home.

It's a new year & a new decade. Counting my blessings & looking forward to new adventures. Time to stack some chips.

Mini Daddy.

With the Twit game takeover, it's nice to get a juicy YouTube clip to make the blog kit exciting again.

Funky Fridays #71.

And Boom Goes the Dynamite.

Everybody knows by now except Mr.Block. Sorry but FORD is wack and Loeb + other WRC veterans are in another league. The WRC isn't the X-Games. Good luck with your Festiva.

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Twig's Kit.

Shit, if I was still single, I'd run the same shit. New bike/ skate for each day. Tits.

Carts of Darkness.

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Belly flop.

Sweet setup...for a carpet that literally thousands of people walk on
everyday. You might as well just French kiss a payphone.

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