Friday, October 06, 2006

Hood Rich

Well, my second SLVR has taken a shit. The first one shorted because I used it a lot during the hottest week in the summer here with friends visiting and probably sweat all over it. The damn phone wouldn't stop dialing 9s. Trash. Got another one, but now apparently it sounds like I'm trying to talk through a Motorola toilet. Unacceptable. So I went to the local cell phone crack dealer to see what's out. Peeped two new "didn't need to see thats".

First off the Motorola KRZR K1M. Skinnier than the RAZR, but slightly taller because the outside is made of Quartz or some shit, like they use on watch faces. It comes with an MP3 player, upgraded functions, and a 2.0 megapixel camera. Whoo-hoo. I didn't spend bank on a Canon to waste time trying to deal with shitty cam pics. The one off is that it only comes in one color- some fag kinda blue. Not my steez but a very practical phone.

And now the fuckin' heat. I always liked my original RAZR V3. Lasted quite some time with no issues aside from the battery being total crap. With new set of Motorola released phones came the RAZR V3i- a RAZR with iTUNES. Dope. Full function with web browser, camera, and iTUNES player. SOLD. But some retard decided to make the ultimate C-R-A-C-K upgrade. A GOLD Dolce & Gabanna Special Edition. Totally stupid and extended, the phone becomes the ultimate phone for every bitch with bank & every hood rich retard like me. I quickly peaced out of the store before making any mistakes, but I'm sure I'll be dreaming about that shit for weeks to come.

Peep out the f'n accesories. WTF!!!

The case is made out of EEL. Fucking EEL? I don't know about that shit.

How many homos actually use these things. Looks like some Star Trek shit.

These are actally pretty dope but the sound can't be better than my Bang & Olufsen's. Holla.