Thursday, March 30, 2006

The road was angry that day...

So we were off to Colorado for the annual Peter Glenn demo days event in Crested Butte, CO. Now, considering the last time I was in Crested Butte was at X Games III and I was living in Buffalo,NY, let's just say the resort seemed a lot smaller. Marian, Karen, and I found out the hard way that you now are required to arrive at Orange County airport 45 minutes prior to departure to get your bags on board. Gone are the days of getting to the airport at 730 for an 800 flight. We were there 44 (yes,44) minutes before and were quickly denied boarding due to our 1 minute lapse in judgement. The trip was cursed from there on in.

Conditions were flat light, and slushy. The mountain is just weird, kind of a cone sitting in the middle of a bunch of smaller mountains. Peter Glenn had us all at Club Med, which, roughly translated, is a bankrupt Comfort Inn with a lot of cheap foamcore signs that somehow make it a Club Med. The place is run by people that travel from location to location doing what they do, mostly college age kids and burnout beach bums that party 24 hours a day. Weird vibe. One thing I will say, the place had good food. The dessert ROOM was off the hook, I seriously have had dreams about things like that. No joke. Also, there was a crazy clam paella which, while I did'nt try it, I felt compelled to document it's mound like splendor.

We rode Wednesday, then Thursday AM pushed the "Let's get the fuck out of here" button and caught the next flight home a full day early. I can safely say I'll never go back to Crested Butte again unless there is some sort of life threatening illness that I may come down with that could be cured by a trip to the Gunnison Valley.


Chilled with the ex-craze during lunch yesterday. She came through to get her shop on @ Sturban Outfarters. That store is whatevs but there's lots around to fuck with from NIKEs to books while your lady is trying on skirts and shit. But tell me, who comes to that store in search of books about how to roll spliffs? Idaknow, I learned all I needed to know while in college.

After a lil' bit we made our way to the home of perhaps the best cookie in all of Manhattan. While Magnolia's Bakery may hold the title for the perfect cupcake, Levain's Bakery on 75th and Amsterdam can bake a fucking kick ass cookie.

My favorite is the Walnut Chocolate Chip. It's a big ass cookie, the size of those beepers you get from the Cheesecake Factory. Always hot straight from the oven, the cookie is slightly crispy on the outside and all good on the inside. It's a fight to stomach all that melting chocolate and cookie dough, but it's worth the diabetic seizure every time.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spring Bling

Been away from the kit for a hot minute. From my friend's wifey's b'day bash to my Mom's b'day it's been craze after craze. However, Jigga and I were able to escape and blow it up for Spring Break 2006.

The scene was ridiculous with 50 degree sunny weather and perfect conditions. The US OPEN pipe was finally open to the public but it seemed as if J and I were the only ones to know about it. And after getting our fill, we headed to the mini park to get our jib on. It was a fun baby set-up, but we were able to get busy and rattle off a nice trick list.

If that was the last couple days of the season, we couldn't ask for much more. Now it's spring- time for the 2006 car show season and finally some outdoor skating. Holla for a Dollar!

Friday, March 24, 2006

How do my calves look, bro?

Another hit from the crew at The Lab, now you can rep Johnny Drama's not quite Emmy winning gig. For those of you that don't watch Entourage, you should.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Costco. For real.

Looking for a limited edition piece of wrist candy that only you and 99 other filthy rich dudes will have? Well look no farther than the impeccable home of the "99 Cent Chicken Bake" and 5 gallon drums of Mrs. Butterworth's. Check the link for the price kids.

Lost at sea? Your G4 crashlanded on the way to the Hamptons? Had to ditch a hot air balloon on your quest for another round the world record? Hope you have this so your future heirs can find you.


It's a quiet week as a grip of clients are away on vacation with their children for Spring Break. It gives me the luxury of time to afford the finer things in life like breakfast and catching up on lost episodes of MADE. Here we have the kid from "The Christmas Story" trying to learn how to spit fire.

It was funny to hear him try and MC in front of Ghostface and the Game. It was good but not as good when the girl went to Woodward and learned how to do a backflip on a BMX bike. I got a little choked up about that one.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Did you miss it?

Hopefully you grabbed a Shamrock Shake before the 17th. I only got 2, but then again, I am trying to cut back on those types of things. At least I am not some retard who is trying to petition a fast food conglomerate to bring back something that never went away in the first place. If you are really hard up and/or extremely baked, you can try to make your own at home using this homebrew recipe.

Yeah Bob's in a coma.

It was a mission to get out of NJ to VT. Hit up Olive Garden for some breadsticks to kill some time. Give thanks for XM radio and comedy cds. Made it up just in time for Family Guy and some FOX show that was funny enough to make me spit my Gatorade all over the place.

We endured a night of Will's Hot Cheeto Farts and some questionable accomodations and made it Stratton early for some breakfast. I shined the microwaved Bacon, Egg, and Cheez sandwiches and opted for a bagel. We got our kit's tuned, rigged up some passes and hit the hill. Thanks RIVAL. Conditions were hella good with a fresh couple inches on the ground. It was proper to get some fresh tracks. Good call on the yellow lenses, JP.

Closing Time

It was a rough morning on Sunday, still recovering from St. Patty's and a loong day @ work on Sat. Went up to Mtn. Crack for one last shot with the homies.

To say the least the conditions were bad; it was either dirt moguls or glaciers of ice. We were questioning why they were still open. We had a great season though and had to hit up The Hex one last time with Team Windmill. No cover band this time though but we did manage to walk away with a good foto.

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Don.

The Don.
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Random find of the day.

What is the difference between a Ding Dong and a King Don?

When Hostess introduced Ding Dongs® in 1967, the advertising campaign included a ringing bell: hence the name Ding Dongs. However, in the eastern United States, Hostess opted to package the cakes as King Dons to avoid confusion with a competitor's product. Hostess consolidated the King Don and Ding Dong name in 1987, packaging the cakes as Ding Dongs in all regions. Six months later, Hostess decided to go back to using the King Don name in the eastern U.S., again, to avoid confusion with a competing product. But, today the issue has been put to rest and only Ding Dongs are sold nationwide.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Where to next...

Where to next...
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Back in San Clemente for a spell. Glad to be back. Had a pretty good day today, went to get a haircut, had a good sausage and pepper sandwich from the infamous Tina and Vince's, and then went to see V for Vendetta. Not a bad movie, the hipsters and goth kids will both like it. Marian storms into town from Austria on Thursday, always good to see him and spend some time. I'm in town for a while now, so I'll enjoy it while I can, Yo and the animals, surfing, Nobu, all is well.

Back from the backcountry.

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So I just got back from Baldface Lodge yet again. Such a mission to get there, (plane to Vancouver, then to Nelson, BC, then a helicopter 15 miles into the mountains), but once you are there you are riding the best snow and terrain you could ask for. Top shelf food and people, I highly recommend it to anyone that can make it up there. Rose was a highlight of the trip, and the two of us getting the chance to drive a $250,000 snowcat along a 50 foot wide ridge in a snowstorm was a highlight as well. Kind of crazy what you can get yourself into these days.