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"Cut Chemist returns with a live mix at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for Cinespia's screening of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial in 2011. Ive chosen to share it now to celebrate 30 years since its release. Psychadelic space and 80s classics mix (Edit..ehem) because who needs to hear two whole verses of Kim Wilde nowadays?!?

"...E.T. Touch Down!!!""

Funky Fridays #208.

I fucking hate it here, but these guys seem to be having a good time. Yo, can I come through to your next block party? I got nothing better to do.

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Way Back Wednesday.

Found a new random GINO clip online. Always good to see this stuff from "back in the day".

Always tripped me out he skated in those high top Reeboks. They always had those in the RBK store at work and were only about $15 after my hook-up. But still I couldn't bring myself to buy them as they were designed for aerobicise: super soft leather with terry cloth interior. So comfy but craze as skate shoes. The mid profile is tight and the sole looks like the herringbone would prob grip pretty well; but I still didn't think I could pull off the Jane Fonda Mids. Only GINO.

The new Challenge Court Pros are promising. Would be a nice change from skating in Half Cabs. May look like ortho shoes chilling but the mid profile would be perfect for skating. You can just destroy them without having to try and keep them clean. White mid-sole maintenance is a bitch.

But we'll see- the sole looks a little suspect with just dots for grip and the wafer thin tongue may need stuffing; but whatevs. Any new shoe is a good shoe. And with life retirement around the corner, they will match my cane and cataract glasses fine.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tape Tuesday.

I need to build one of these in celebration of my retirement from youth.

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Dream Job.

I need to come up on $1500 real quick.

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Shoulda picked up an iPad before I left home.

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Funky Friday #206.

I can feer it.

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