Monday, October 09, 2006

Manic Mondays

I detest Mondays as much as the next person. If I could, it would be great to skip the day altogether like going to bed on Sunday night and waking up on Tuesday morning. Mondays are like living Friday the 13th once a week, week after week. Normally I try not to leave the house, but I do on occasion in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

One thing that helps the torturous AM commute trying to deal with spilling coffee on myself & stepping on doggy doo-doo, are the always entertaining headlines from the weekend before. My favorites from this morning are: "Horse dies after getting hit by taxi", "Man dies after getting hit in the head with a hammer", & "Partygoer dies after attempting to jump rooftops". It's a shame to find humor in other people's misery but these incidents are just exquisite. As much as I love escaping NYC, you really can't beat what can happen on a daily basis on the block.