Monday, January 31, 2011

Spring Kit.

Patiently waiting for the newly re-engineered Dunk Pro SB Woodgrains. Nice Yanks colorway, thicker tongue, re-inforced ollie area with lace protectors, heel cup pads, & more flexible sole with herringbone grip. So Tight. Three cop for sure. Skate, Chill, Ice.

NA Blastoff.

Me & Mike got up on Angel NA's kit. Deadline Ltd Represent.

Fast & Fabulous.

It's funny how Paul Walker got clowned after making the original Fast & Furious, but then he became a real car enthusiast especially getting into Nissan Skylines. He even owns a sweet R35 that he used in the most recent flick where he refused to put any vinyl decals on his car cuz he knows that's gay. Shit, I ain't hatin'. I've enjoyed watching all the retarded versions on the big screens & would also love to have a Skyline "hobby".


Know the Ledge.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Battle of the Bands.

Let's fucking go.

Funky Fridays #123.

10pm: Text: "Yo, gonna dump. Empty seats on the bus. Wanna roll?"
10:15: "Sure. Where's the pick up?"
10:16: "6am. 5th Ave & 9th St, Boerum Hill."
10:17: "Done. See you in the am."

4am: Wake Up.
4:43: R Train to Brooklyn.
5:38: 4th Ave & 9th Street
5:40: "We're at Dunkin' on 5th. Get this: On my way over in a cab, BMXican runs light on his delivery bike. We hit him and send him about 20 feet."
5:43: "Uhm, what?"
5:44: "Yeah, we smack this guy. He gets back up and starts riding, "No late for work". Takes off. Bad sign."
5:45: "Shit. Craze."
5:50: Enter DD. Coffee. Chill. Greetings to heads. "What's up. What's up. What's up."

6:15: Text: "Bus crashed. Stuck."
6:16: "Shit, now what?"
6:17: "Bus will get out. Let's chill."
6:30: Shit talk.
6:45: "Bus driver is calling off trip."
6:46: Plan B: "Who's got a truck?" Text Text Text.
7:15: No dice.
7:20: Breakfast: Flat Wraps and Pancake Nuggets.
7:30: Plan C: Heads at Stop 2 are walking to Enterprise.
8:00: "We're getting a mini-van."
8:30: "Still working on paperwork."
8:45: Natives are restless.
9:00: Team 2 shows up in a Sienna. 7 grown men in a Toyota Toaster. Tetris.

9:30: On our way. Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to West Side Highway.
9:40: Driver, in haste to make up time hits a pothole on WSH on a hard turn going 70 with about 600 lbs of dude on rear axle. Ka-Boom! Still rolling. Whatevs. Feels like a minor flat spot. We're on the road now. Let's get there. GWB to Palisades to Thruway.
10:00: Jokes cracked.
11:00: Heads are asleep including driver. Speeding Ticket. 92 in a 65. Bang.

11:50: Off Thruway. Wheel is fucked. Hop-A-Long Cassidy. "Maybe lugs are loose." "Tires prob needs air."
11:52: Tires are inflated to max pressure.
11:53: Back on road.
12:05: "Take the short cut."
12:07: Turn is taken hard. Mini van starts to drift at 40mph.
12:08: Collective "Oh shiiiit!!!" from passengers.
12:09: Driver successfully pulls a drift to 270 out. Tire Rod is bent. Wheel is taco'd.
12:10: Hunter parking lot.

12:15: "Who's got the hook up?"
12:30: Good to go. 7 heads, 7 free passes. Thanks Hunter Mtn. On to the lift. Time to ride. Conditions are good & hill is empty.
12:50: First run charged. Where's Wil?

1:00: Apparently, Wil took a hipper. Unbuckled to work it out, then watched his board take off and get launched off a cliff into the abyss. Gone.
1:30. Back up lift to find Wil and his snowboard. Nothing. Lost to the depths of Hunter powder and mass of snow blowing machinery.

2:00: Back to Lodge. Walk around to ask security to ask if board was found. Nope. Wil: "I'm gonna go get a massage, yo." Aight. Peace.
2:15: Back on the hill. Tons of runs.
3:42: Wrong turn. I lose group charging across cat track. Gone.
3:43 Head to park. Closed. Duck rope to hike session perfect perfect round flat bar.

4:20: Takes 20 tries to pull back lip. Hyped but not wasgudwidit.
4:30: Lifts close. Hit the bar to toast to myself.
4:32: Bar session in progress.
6:00: Dark. Time to go. Time to put shit together.
6:10: "Dude, where's my board? Stolen. Charge it to the Game.
6:30: At gas station, driver asks, "Anyone seen my wallet?" Nope.
7:00: On highway. Rear wheel is near shredded. At speeds over 50 it feels like you're sitting on top of the washing machine during the final spin cycle. Retarded. Engine mounts prob loose from charging at 90+mph with over 1000 lbs of dude in a mini-van. Only 2 more hours to go.

Craze trip as all missions to Hunter have been. But least we got comp tiks & I got a free T. Thanks Dre.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Last of the Mohicans.

Crazy Bobby looks like a bitter old man these days but tells it like it is in a tell all interview. I'm not the only one trying to get my skate on, but not with anyone around. I used to walk by this up rail near my old apt and wonder how? Shit goes from waist to shoulder height super quick.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011


This is amazing. Shit, I still have so many mixtapes on cassette. I keep a baby boombox in the garage to blast the hits from the past when I'm working on the whip.

I used to wonder why they played this track in the middle of some hip hop sets. Now I get it. I think.

USDM Top Gear Sucks.

Please leave it to the BBC OGs.

Real Talk.

Pretty f'n hyped for the new season. Any chance to re-live the "Good Old Days," I'm for all for it. For real, I'm never gonna reminisce about today thinking, "Yo remember when I used to wake up at 4am and have to eat 2 Aleves with my morning coffee just to get through a 10 hour work day? That was awesome."

But on any given day, I can talk about the summer nights when we used to chill at the small banks, getting faded ollieing over the wall. We had just enough cash pooled together to get our chill on & get a session in. Our biggest problem we had was if we should watch Goldfish or a Visual Sound.

Funky Fridays #122.

The Prequel.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Holsten's Brookdale Confectionary.

Headed up to VT for the Annual Gathering of the Chiggalos hosted by Ronnie & Vinny and catered by the great folks at Cabot Cheese & Nabisco Crackers. It's always great to take refuge from the sales, sidecuts & side bends of life in the no phone zone of Vermont to rekindle our love of Franks Red Hot, Ice Cream Concoctions and of course, Snowboarding.

We stayed at the always charming Red Sled Motel. Although blasted on various websites from those expecting the Marriott Marquis, the Sled holds a place in our hearts for its no frills family owned charm. "We'll turn he heat on for ya. Key is in the room." The beds are super comfortable, the fridge holds all our snacks, there's wifi, a flat screen w/ cable but yeah, there's no soap. Whatevs, we're not planning a spa weekend anyways. No leave in conditioning treatment going on here.

Day one was fun although a challenge as the snowflakes kept dropping and visibility was minimal. But conditions were good, hill attendance was manageable, and we had a table reserved at the Partridge for lunch. Big thanks to Aaron for the EG1 hook-up. The rose lenses were a life saver.

Twas a fun day until I tried to get jiggy on an ill fated, ignorantly called "last run". Cruised through the baby park, tried to whip up a back lip on the close out, caught an edge, blew out my asshole, and re-tweaked my old ankle injury. Hit up the country store for more snacks and retired to our room for some proper chill time, exploring the depths of YouTube for more sparks of comedy from the greats.

Sorry no hill shots of gratuitous pow blasts. Twas trying to take phone days off on the hill but we did do some tech mapping. Sure do love us some apps.

D1 Stats:

Trying to relax was getting progressively uncomfortable so had to assess my old man injuries. Trying to chill them off wasn't really working. Thought I had a minor hipper, but stretching/ yoga wasn't easing the pain. Apparently, I bruised my cocxyx so had to throw together a snow lumbar pillow in a plastic bag to reduce the swelling on my low back. Ankle seemed ok until I tried to pronate, then the pain returned. It was ok for walking, but my left posterior tibialis the stabilizing muscle of my forward riding foot. It was gonna be a rough second day or I was just gonna have to ride switch for the most part. No butters tomm.

Woke up to 8-10 inches of new snow. My bruised ass & ankle reminded my of my age, but just sucked it up downing a few Aleves with my morning coffee. The conditions were too good and WHTCN family were planning to come visit us mid day.

Never do we claim super rider status. Riding for our crew is all about hitting the small fun stuff you find on the hill from the pow sidewalks at the side of the trails, Jersey curb cuts to the ice ledges. It's all good. Shit, we even rode through the boardercross run and skated it like a ditch doing lipslides & press pop ins. Sadly, our beloved rock quarter was dry; but Francisco, the village shop manager was kind enough to take us on a couple super fun runs hitting a bunch of different gems as well as taking out to brunch. Thanks Holmes. Norm & Lee finally made it around lunch to help close out our day. We hit the same runs Cisco took us took us to trying to milk the last couple runs before the lifts cut us off. So fun charging with the crew. All in all, a great day for the WHTCN family, rekindling our love of riding for the purity of it all and recapturing the fun riding with close friends can bring you. Nothing like it.

Stopped by Mulligans for another dinner of wings, a must for a table of Buffalo alumni. Good times yo. Thanks for coming through. It's been a long time since we had the family together.

Dinner was pretty mellow, more chatty than patties, so we hightailed it to the Friendly's in town to trump our sundae try out two days previous to tackle the infamous 5 scoop Reeses Sundae. A great reward for a full day of riding and just enough to knock us out for the night's chill sesh.

D2 Stats:

Yes, I'm entirely guilty of the aforementioned crime, but I myself read tons of food blogs and watch many hours to the food network; so I can't be totally retarded. People love food and love to read/ watch what awesome food there is out there. Shit, we could have easily rode anywhere but the allure of the Southern Vermont ski areas like Stratton is the access to some pretty stellar eateries.

Yes, eating is primarily a chore for most people, dining out can be an great experience if you can enjoy food. My friends and I do, as most self proclaimed "foodies" do, and try to locate the best every small town has to offer. If you don't like food go back to your corn flake breakfast, Chilli's chicken finger platter lunch and your Swanson's dinner, leave the rest of the good eats for the rest of us. You're one less person I have to wait in line for to get a table.

Woke up still pretty beat up on Day 3 so passed on a third day of riding as my wallet was crying for mercy as well. Stopped in town to try our hands at having breakfast at the legendary, "Up for Breakfast" restaurant. Many times before we would try to stop by only to be shut down since were way past closing time. Breakfast only.

There was only a small wait, so we perused the menu. Tons of good shit in there. We ordered some pancakes, sides and a coffee for myself. An incredibly proper cup although I prefer the sugar shaker. But the packets were fine. The real maple VT syrup was served hot and would be a great addition to my "Morning Glory" stacks.

Here we have some blueberry venison sausage and lamb hash. Stellar sides to say the least. I was curious about the "Wild Turkey Hash" entree which is a larger portion with poached eggs on top w hollandaise sauce. Looked amazing as the guy behind me was hungry. Next time for sure, but a bubble guts contender right there. Up for Breakfast is a must must stop if you are ever in the area.

The sugar and coffee helped me power through the four hour drive from Manchester, VT to lovely Bloomfield, New Jersey. As Sopranos fans, dinner at the diner from the last scene of the show was must stop.

Holsten's Ice Cream Parlour was host to one of the most controversial finales of all time. Here's the info. Make your own decision. Sad to see you go, Tony.

Holsten's is great as they only serve a few ice cream flavors at a time since it's all homemade. Good stuff. We enjoyed some Lemon Fizzes as we waited for our food. Milkshakes were amazing. Self pour so you can enjoy it ice cold straight from the mixer.

The menu is pretty basic as the restaurant is primarily known for their ice cream, but I did enjoy my Turkey Club. Olive toothpicks were a nice touch.

A side of some of the infamous onion rings. Pretty good.

Holsten's is great. A small slice of that small town charm. Exactly what Friendly's tries to be but genuine.

Time may lapse, but we do get some good days in. And as Tony says "Focus on the Good Times". Cuz you never know when you're gonna go. Thanks for coming through, Dan. Already looking forward to next years trip.