Thursday, October 19, 2006

E-Town Stomp

Went down to Englishtown after work this past Sat. It was the EVO vs. STi rebate Shootout. The last event rained so this was Round Two. The event had many broken times & broken dreams as the Subarus were spanked again and again and many engines/ trannies were exploding all over the track. When will anybody realize you are not supposed to launch an AWD car? Whatevs. I was there to support the shop as the had a tent and got my official team jacket. Shit's pretty dope. Prob gonna get some kicks to match just like a fag.

The best and worst thing about these events is that you get to see new items and styles. Unfortunately, it gets the car craze going and makes you wanna buy a bunch of bullshit like these new $200 lug nuts. Am I retarded?