Monday, April 30, 2007

Mike Dominguez

Mike Dominguez was always the dude who kind of popped in and blew minds. Kind of like The Gonz of the BMX scene. Check the jeans kit and hip hop soundtrack. Ill.

Items of Note: Tight ass flannel (dude could be on Baker TODAY), and homeboy has NO PADS on his setup. Yowzers.

Eddie Fiola+Prince+Devo=1985

This guy was the man when I was a young BMX-ican in Oklahoma. Such smooth, sick style. He pretty much made GT the shit at the time. Check the intro. Waiting for his cue...

Items of Note: Trademark Sticker Mohawk on the helmet and all white kit from the kicks to the helmet.

Who lives there? The friggin' Pope?

Weekly R&B Banger #14

De la Hoya vs. Mayweather May 5th

I caught a couple episodes of the HBO 24/7 Documentary on the De la Hoya/Mayweather fight and now I am hooked. Mayweather is straight thug (50 and his ex-con father in his corner), and De la Hoya is straight Mr. Nice Guy (Matthew McConaughey, Barack Obama in his corner). This fight is going to be crazy. Right now it is a 50/50 split as to who will win.

Too bad I don't get to Puerto Rico until after this fight. De la Hoya is an honorary Boricua (his wife is 100%) and they are batshit crazy about him down there, with bootleg towels, blankets and tees being sold on the side of the highway all the time whether there is a fight coming up or not. On top of that he has been training there for the past 3 months and he is pretty much one of their own now.

I might have to order this bit of sanctioned violence for Saturday night or find a place to watch these two beat each other's asses.

These wings cost $300

Full post coming soon...

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This is sad...

I finally had to do it. The hype as well as my supreme nerditude got to me. Bring it on internetters:

Hot Import Nights DC

Went to HIN DC last weekend which was actually in Chantilly, Virginia; home of the V.Tech Korean Crazy man. Cops were on high alert to say the least. Normally already tik/ arrest heavy; the police force were in full effect freaking out on everybody. I kept it on the DL and didn't go out much. DC was within a half hour, but we were all shook about being out late on the roads.

I did hit up Chik-Fil-A quite a bit with the homies cuz all our cars were in the show and that was all there was within walking distance. The waffle fries and spun shakes were the combo of the weekend.

I didn't come home with a win, but my homies cleaned up. There were a grip of sick cars as well as a sea of ladies. Holla.

Although normally allergic to anything produced in Boston from the Red Sox, Sam Adams, & "Fever Pitch", the team and I will be heading up to Hot Import Nights Boston this coming weekend. It's actually one of the most fun shows of the season cuz a most of peeps that normally don't show, come through to rep and Bahstaan's Little Italy is actually pretty proper.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Swearin' to the Oldies.

Simmons. He lives.

Mobile Office Version 3.0

I'd have to say this was my favorite so far. So much so that we are heading back up with Eva later this summer to check Seattle out more. Oh yeah.

The Real Peter Griffin.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekly R&B Banger #12

De Los Neuva Jork Jankees

After a pleasant afternoon in Brooklyn, I headed up to the Bronx for my first game of the season. As hyped as I was, I was a little nervous to kick off my seasonal alcoholism. A big baseball nerd, I'm nervous as fuck until September as the long season of drama unfolds. It's a rough start for the Bombers as a grip of the line-up are on the disbled list. So that's where the beers come in.

I hopped off the 7 train to meet up with the homies who were already deep into a tailgate session. After crushing 3 18-packs and hecking numerous people, we headed off to the stadium; but not after tying a grip of empty beer cans to the parked car next to ours just like a "Just Married" vehicle. The girls were nice, but I couldn't help myself.

It was a good game from what I remember before getting kicked out for being hella rowdy. I'm pretty sure we won the game. I hopped in the car from some reason, when I could have just hopped on the train. Got dropped off @ Port Authority and stumbled to the nearest pizza joint. Hopped on the A train and proceeded to pass out.

Woke up @ 23rd when I should have got off @ 59th. Stoops. I lived a few unfortunate years here in the fudgepacking district. Good thing I had a stable GF during that time. It was interesting to see what was new including a Starbucks & a Jamba Juice. I remember that used to be one of my Cali stops. Now I can't stomach that shit.

I went to the Bodega across the way from my old apt I used to frequent to say what's up to the thug Hadji's that work there. These dudes used to hook me up when I was broke. To get that kind of fam' hook-up in NY is pretty rare. These heads were cool and would chill out front with me sipping deuces talking shit. Tonight I settled for a Cherry Coke and some Dipsy Doodles. The drunktastic snack combo.

In the middle of sobering up, it dawned on me that I was right over an E train stop; which drops me off pretty close to my crib. I was hyped to hop on a train pretty quickly, even though it was full of drunker assholes and pile of puke on one end of the train. Somehow I made it home before midnight and was able to get a decent nights sleep.

Went to work gratefully only partially hungover and was greeted by my ecstatic friend, Pam, a fellow Yankees fan.

'"Hey, What's Up?! See that game? Awesome win. A-Rod's killing it!"
"Yeah, good one. I was there."
"Oh sweet. Good seats?"
"Nah, not really. I like Tier though cause you can cause some trouble."
"You're funny. Guess What?"
"I got tickets for today's day game. You wanna go?"
"Uhhhm.......guess so. Fuck it. Let's go. But no beers."
"Yeah Right. How can you go to the stadium and not drink?"
"True. Where we sitting?"
"10 rows behind third base. Killer seats plus Yankees Lounge passes."
"Fuck yeah then. See you @ noon."

So within a few hours I was back @ the Stadium curing my hangover with a mid-day beer and another hot dog. The seats were retarded and the game was another kill with ARod cracking a game winning hit in the bottom of the 9th. The Stadium Lounge was kind of whateves, but they had some good paraphernalia including these craze stained glass windows and clean bathrooms although the Men's kit smelled like death bec. some suit droped a bomb. Thanks asshole, literally.

Kind of a craze 24 hours. 4 boros on a $7 MetroCard. Dope. I was tripping because within a few hours I was on my way to Chantilly, Virginia for this weekend's installment of Hot Import Nights.

The Chocolate Room

For dessert, we hit up the "Chocolate Room" down the block. I know it sounds like R. Kelly's hidden boom-boom room, but it's actually an amazing Chocolatier. A small place very much unlike the hyped Max Brenner kit, but so so good. They have imported chocolates from all over the world.

I was recently introduced to a whole level of dark chocolates by a lady friend. She explained how there are different % Cacao Dark Chocolates. The more Cacao, the less sugar, the darker the chocolate, and the more healthier for you. Whodaknown?

Norm got one of their famous Choco Shakes, which was good as fuck. I kept it easy and grabbed a single Grand Marnier Chocolate. Fucking Crack.

Big Willie's

We ended up @ Big Willie's on 5th. It's a gourmet hot dog place that rips. I was kinda skeptical at first since I'm not really a hot dog guy (unless it's the CornDog version) but that shit was good. You can pick the type of hot dog you want and the type of bun you want as well. The toppings are endless, but I went for the sauerkraut, relish, and bacon combo. Holla.

Although not remotely appetizing from the pic, it was a pretty satisfying meal. They even have RC fountain sodas there. Sick.

One of the coolest parts of BW's are the owners. They are real nice "good people". They rescue dogs and the lady owner makes these cool dioramas about the dogs in her life. I was touched. Go Puppies!

You Ain't Cuz You Not.

Woke up earls last Weds for an am stretch but I was hyped cuz it was only a 1/2 day and I had a grip of shit to do including a trip out to BKLN. As a former Brooklynite, I hyped to get back in the neighborhood. But as with anything it's not quite the same.

I miss the ghetto hood essence of the old BK. I miss having to wear shitty gear so as not to get jumped and lurking through all the f'd hoods, & partying on rooftops. Now it's full of artists and hipsters who work all week for some bullshit open mic nite on Fridays at the local shithole.

I was planning to visit my homey Norm who was gracious enough to pick up a Sabres New Era cap he picked up on a recent trip up to Buffalo, mess around with his crazy Jack Russell Terrier and grab some food at one of the never ending new snack joints that pop up.

Weekly R&B Banger #11

Africa visit.

The site recently got a visit from someone in Africa as you can see from the trusty ClustrMap to the right. How the hell did they stumble onto this thing? I guess stranger things have happened, like Michael Jackson dating Brooke Shields.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I-5 North. About 1000 miles from San Clemente.

Woke up at the crack to head up to Seattle for a Zumiez meeting. Uneventful flights (finally) and then a few hours with the crew at Zumiez. The bake sale going on in their design department was top shelf. Best brownies I have had in a while. After the meeting, Chief, Rob, and I hit I-5 up to Vancouver to hit some shops, shake some hands and kiss babies. Check out the bargain at the rest stop we hit along the way. Rugged.

After a good dinner at Earl's on Robson, and an hour long search for a hotel, we finally ended the long ass day. Heading to Whistler tomorrow to continue the tour, then back to Seattle tomorrow night. Hectic.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Big Daddy's Diner

Everytime I leave town, I'm always in the hunt for that hole in the wall, good ass grimy food joint. Well, this past weekend was by Bro-in-Law's B'day and we planned to get our eat on. Blue Smoke was booked, so we decided to try this place we kept hearing about.

The decor is pretty dope. A throwback to when diner steez was all the rage. Being pretty was whatevs, I needed to get my grub on. I ordered the "Big Al's Pizza Burger" which came with f'n Tater Tots. Any food that I got during grade school hot lunch rips; even the lincoln log government cheez sticks. Fuck Gruyere and Roquefort, I like the ghetto shit. My sis got the fried chicken which was superb, but the crown meal was the dessert.

They make this Ice Cream Sangwich that was straight retarded. 3 cookies and two layers of ice cream of straight crack.It comes with strawberry ice cream, but I got mine with vanilla. Fucking dope. So dope I didn't even wait to take pics before the ice cream melted under all the hot fudge. A winner esp for NYC, where most "down home" food is bastardized. Like try and order a burger. Sometimes it might come on a faggot ass English Muffin.

"Bitch, do you really expect me to eat this shit?!"


F'n East Coast is getting pissed on craze this week. It's not enough to get soaked just trying to get some breakfast, but a weeks worth of Yanks tiks down the drain. Awesome. Most of the roads around the city are flooded as fuck and a grip of trains are screwed like mine. Hella walk to the subway every time. Sweet.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Winter Park in 48 hours.

Landed about 9pm Thursday, grabbed a Ford Freestyle and headed up to Winter Park. Kind of crazy fog banks and snow storm heading up Berthoud Pass. After seeing it in the daytime, the consequences are definitely high if you run off the road. Good thing the Freestyle kept it between the posts.

Friday we rode with the Peter Glenn crew and the conditions were mid winter-ish. About 6 or 7 inches of fresh kept it interesting, even in the flat Colorado trees. I still have to stick with my theory that Colorado has a great marketing scam going, because the terrain is as flat as WNY. Unbelievable. There were some great tree runs though, I will give the place that.

Saturday the temps headed up into the 40's and spring was in action. The mountain was super fun, even though they plow the hell out of everything. Would'nt want some Texan spraining an ankle on a bump on the side of the trail. Flinn and I did find a good "office guy" park that we sessioned a bit. I headed out about 230 and caught my flight back to Orange County.

Winter Park was recently acquired by Intrawest. Shortly thereafter they built one of their trademark "villages", which, by and large, consist of about 12 or 13 of these condo monstrosities. How does someone look at this and think it is a nice, quaint, idea of a ski "village". It looks like something that they would build in the middle of Manhattan. Where have all of the good areas gone? The same way every highway exit has the same group of Home Depot's, Applebee's, and Wal Mart's, ski resorts have these. At least some (the Mansfield side of Stowe, Jackson Hole, Brighton, to name a few) areas have kept their identities.

Ah, Half and Half. It has been a solid year since I had one of these. I used to kill a minimum of two a day in Vermont. So good.

On the way to Denver, I stopped at a roadside ice cream place (no good ones out here by the way) and got a shake. I wanted something unique so I ordered up a Cinnamon shake. The bearded hippie making the concoction put in a few scoops of vanilla ice cream and the requisite splash of milk. Just before I opened my mouth to tell him I did'nt order Vanilla, he threw in (you might want to sit down) two Atomic Fireballs, some cinnamon candies, and some Cinnamon Bears. Now that's how you make a Cinnamon shake. Man that was good.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Harsh newsroom prank.

"And meanwhile on the East Side tonight... Oh shit, wait a minute... damn you sunsabitches...OK, you got me."

Crazy hippies.


Watch this right now.

For Christ's sake.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Weekly R&B Banger #10

Another track from the depths of the Jiggatronic files. I remember one day the subway doors opened to a guy on the platform blasting out his version of the song to an instrumental beeping out of a small boom box. I couldn't contain myself and laughed out loud.


Weekly R&B Banger #9

Edit: That other track was smooth like gravel.

Gotta love a chickenhead with a record contract.

Harsh? Ahem, did you see "Glitter"? Okay.

I remember Derek Jeter peaceing her out declaring she was crazy.

This one goes out to YoMac. HollaHolla.

Bike Porn #1

My response to the Hutch I always wanted as a young fat ass.

Did I mention that in the pouring rain today, I saw a one legged bike messenger charging through 34th street traffic with his foot clipped to his kit with no brakes. Homeboy was hustlin' and I felt like a bitch complaining about being a little wet.

Headed back to Colorado. Somebody get my Tylenol.

Just in John Wayne Airport heading back to Colorado (3rd time this year) for the Peter Glenn End of Season extravaganza. Starting the trip off right with an hour delay. Sick. My travel plans seriously have gotten AIDS lately.

The good news is that it is dumping in Winter Park, which I have never been to. I am always down to check out a new town and see what the mountain has going on and what signage there might be to pilfer. Lots of spring breakers still in the airport, coming back from Disneyland. I don't think I've ever lived anywhere in my adult life that is'nt a tourist destination. Weird.

Colorado Scavenger Hunt!!
How many of the following will I see in one day:

-Nalgene Bottles
-Fleece Vests
-Denim Shirts
-Stinking Fucking Hippies
-pre-1987 Subarus
-Dead/Phish/Moe bumper stickers

Time will tell....

No Blake? No Plobrem.

NIKE of all people posted up an ad in Tokyo in response to a recent law requiring front brakes for fixed kits.

Another Day on the Docks

I awoke to another a.m. argument with the soon to be upgraded flavor of the month. Already salty bec it was Thursday of the Tu/Th 6am-2pm jump off. An agonzing straight set of clients which today, was topped off with an always pleasant trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew my expired registration followed by a trip to Staples to FAX my info to an Albany lawyer who I hired to fight a red light ticket. FAXes are gay like men holding hands.

Yeah, DMV... Think of the one by your house and put it just up the block from Madison Square Garden. Awesome like stepping in a pile of shit with some Icy AF1s.

Oh and did I tell you it was pouring out? The single highlight of the afternoon was HALAL PIZZA. One of the very few places in Manhattan where you can cop a dollar slice. Not the best but very much the classic greazy NYC slice that we have all grown to love. Despite inherent fears of exit wounds, I ordered a slice of heaven and a fountain Coke to wash away a painful day. Really nothing more than a glorified coffee cart, they do have a nice extended awning where you can find some peace in the madness.