Monday, July 24, 2006

We crosed fah wan week! No goohd.

Things are looking up on the block. The Chinese/ Japanese food spot is back open aka my second kitchen; with the corner bodega as my first. Now I can get my occasional dose of Asian Craze with the top choice being Fried Chicken Wings with White Rice. Not a bad meal for $3.85 esp. since the rice is the same sticky variety they use to make Cali rolls. Extra Hot Sauce please. Now if I could only shower with a light on. Now that would be tight!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mtn. Crack Water Park

Picked up a free water park pass when we purchased our season's pass to our beloved local hill Mtn. Creek. It was a hot one this past weekend so we figured it would be good family fun from checking out the website. We went there hyped as did most of the population of the Bronx. Hey do you notice the pic? The only caucasian looking peeps there were light skinned Dominicans. There were grown ass men there wearing life preserver vests in the wave pool probably because their only contact with water is probably from a raging open fire hydrant or the occasional shower. A lil' Reggaeton and I'd feel like I was back on the block.

Goin' Campin'

Think you caught a bad one? Try livin' in Queens with no electricity during the hottest week this summer yet. Nothin' like the smell of garbage juice in the morning. Shit is fuckin' trife. Can't turn on a light nor keep a cold one in the fridge. Seventh day now and I wanna hang myself. Hey, you hungry? STOOPS, the store is closed too. F'n retarded!!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Stuffin' it in.

With all of the talk of the hot dog eating contest today, I decided to look at how much of what other people have stuffed into their pie holes. Below is a sampling. Butter? Damn.

Chicken Wings
167 chicken wings
32 minutes
Sonya Thomas

Birthday Cake
Five Pounds/ TripRewards 1st Birthday
11 Minutes, 26 Seconds/ May 10, 2005
Richard LeFevre

7 quarter-pound sticks, salted butter
5 minutes
Don Lerman

49 glazed
8 minutes
Eric Booker

Matzo Balls
21 baseball-sized
5 minutes 25 seconds
Eric Booker

Reindeer Sausage
28 Glacier Brewhouse Reindeer Sausage
10 minutes
Dale Boone

7 3/4 pounds Thanksgiving Dinner
12 minutes/ Nov. 26, 2003
Sonya Thomas

5 1/2 pounds of buffet food
12 minutes
Crazy Legs Conti