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The last stand.

It's hard to believe that this is all that is left up at Stratton. They are having their ender-ender Memorial Day rail jam today. It seems like yesterday we were taking powder runs with Francisco, pounding improv-tossed wings at Mulligan's and chilling hard at The 'Sled.

Until next season...

Squaw Halfpipe- 75% off.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Nike SB Koston 1s

Hyped to pick up a pair of pre-release Koston 1s to test out. They are one of the few shoes like the Half Cab that can be worn straight out of the box. Most shoes have odd pinch points & hard insoles that need to be broken in for a week, worn barefoot before you walk around let alone skate in them. Not the Kostons.

The fit is like a cross between a P.Rod 4 and a Nike Cortez. Thin Vans-like vulcanized feel but with supportive outer sole edges like the P.Rod 4 but with instant flexibility; and a narrow pinch free toe box like a Cortez has. I can only hope they hold their shape after a few sessions. The interior is full nylon-wrap that's super comfortable and the lunar insole holds up to the hype. Plush.

My only issue is the odd half-connected tongue. I understand that it relieves the sometimes uncomfortable tongue straps, but I wish it was connected to the outside part of the tongue, not the inside. Just feels weird. Also I wish the soles were a little thicker like the P.Rod 4s; but great boardfeel makes up for that. Plus I won't be so tempted to backstock pairs to wear daily. Just the one to skate and blow out. Hyped to hit up Astoria park later to do some "performance testing", although I think doing axle stalls & a couple curb bsts's is hardly considered R&D.

Check out the sick tour video that they put out. Super funny. Only Koston can have Kobe on his speed dial.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Funky Fridays #140.

Welcome to Summer.

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G Park.

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Funky Fridays #138.

"Peace Everyone,

May 9th was Tony Stark's Birthday aka the Ghostface Killah! Even though this mix has been out for a minute, I thought I'd share this with you again in honor of Ghostdini!

This particular mix is called “36 DEADLY DARTS”….it’s the official “Ghostface Killah Doll” Mix CD; well, it’s supposed to be. Amish from 4Cast Unlimited reached out to me a couple of years ago to make a mix with a collection of Ghostface songs that would be an accompaniment to the limited edition doll. A least 1,000 CDs were made; half Amish would pass out during the clothing trade shows such as Magic, the other half, I would sell while I was on the road. There were actually some Ghostface dolls made (and btw, they look dope, considering how expensive it was…i think retail was going for $200. The doll had a real Gold Chain.) The last time I heard, it was in production.

Anyways, there was a buzz for the doll and I actually got a thumbs up from Ghostface for the mix, but for some reason, I don’t think the official doll ever came out, nor the mix CD. It’s been more than a year and I haven’t heard anything official of the release of the doll or the CD, so I decided, why not share it with you good peoples…..I really like the mix and I really put some work into this. It would be nice to have people actually hear it. If some of you good peoples actually have the official Mix CD with the official artwork and all, consider yourself lucky!

Happy Birthday to Tony Starks aka Ghostface Killah."


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beneath the Surface.

It's getting tougher & tougher trying to stay motivated these days, but there's always the classics to keep my head up. But if it wasn't for this I'd never be able to get on the train to go to work.


*edit: Big thanks to CRAILTAP for uploading a gem of a clip.

Hollywood High will remain as probably one of my top three favorite places to skate, next to the Bleeker Birdshit Banks and the Small BK Banks; and part of my favorite day of skating in my life. Thanks Lee, Will & Mike for the session. I can watch Carroll's part in the clip over and over and over. So impossible. The place is so slippery, your feet slide when you push. Dunno how he ripped that bs five-o tailslide. That f'n click clack tile sound is the best.

Nobody Does It Better.


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Funky Fridays #137.

"Ain't life gravy?"


I wish I could be this psyched all the time.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Apple Juice.

Honey's Kettle.

Went to the Annual Auto Show. The show is pretty tame after years touring the Hot Import Nights show circuit with blasting music & bikini models. It's pretty much like strolling through a bunch of dealership showrooms with an occasional concept car or track vehicle.

But it's fun to tour the Javitts Center with two certified assholes, my friends who are former Subaru owners; one a diesel mechanic for Orange & Rockland/ ConEd now driving a lifted & kitted Tacoma and the other a hedge fund manager whipping around an black M5 with the rare cinnamon leather interior and OEM 19s. It was a good learning experience to hear about what's new in the Truck & Euro world, but basically we walk around and clown on everybody. But many would do such a great job on their own...

This guy and his homey were the best. They would take turns posing with EVERY car taking photos. The one guy would hug every car often putting his face right onto the hood or rear bumper, while his buddy would pimp in front of every car sprawled out on the hood or standing arms crossed in the bed of every pick up. Love you guys.

"Este coche es mas roomy. You can fit me, tu, Hector, Pablo y his seester."

Bugatti Veyron. Seemed smaller in person than as depicted on Top Gear but still impressive.

"Dis trunk es big, no?"
"Es good. Es good."

"Yo soy es eng Past eng Purious, meng. Dame un foto con mi ho."

"Good thing I wore my blue shirt, huh Franz?"
"Yes, Hans."

Although tradition after going to the Auto Show is going to Atomic Wings, we were excited to head downtown to check out Hill Country Fried Chicken. Hill Country BBQ is still pretty good after about a half dozen visits, so I was hoping that HCFC, would also be legit.

The restaurant is cafeteria style where you walk up to the counter, pick out your selection per piece, per side & drink. No nonsense. I liked it. Easy in Easy out.

One breast, thigh, leg & wing. Almost half a chicken. Gotta try each piece, right? Sadly, the chicken wasn't KFC breaded, but the seasoned coating was pretty savory & the chicken was cooked perfectly. The breast was moist straight through. Next time I'll order all drumsticks or all wings. HCFC is dope because they serve Franks Red as well as Honey as dippers. I went Compton's Honey's Kettle and went sweet & salty the whole meal through.

The cheddar mash was ok. The chicken is really the star, but you always have to have at least one side. They serve Boylan's Grape which was a nice suprise. I ordered a Black & White shake as well, but I'm curious about the Pie Shake, where they mash the Pie of the day into a milkshake. Interesting.

The meal was a stellar end to the day. Had to walk halfway across town just to jump start the digestion process, but it was well worth it. I'll be back for a bucket of wings.

Osama Bin Blazin'.

True Story.

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