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Hiy Touch.

Guy Mixtape!

And Tom Penny Mixtape too!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Congrats Dimitri.

After a few painful years, my friend Dimitri finally recieved his car after full top to bottom customization. His attention to detail is nothing short of astonishing. I wish there were more local guys with such a passion for Subarus. Congrats bro.

Mods list:

JUN Auto Bumper (Authentic)
C-West side skirts
HKS Kansai Service rear diffuser
ARC Magic splitters
Ganador mirrors
Varis carbon fiber B-pillars
Top Secret titanium tow hook
Chargespeed carbon fiber brake ducts
04-05 rear tail lights
04 STI rear bumper
Velocity Carbon V1 trunk lid
Kakumei carbon fiber window spoiler
McCulloch 6000k H1 HIDs
JDM STI headlights
JDM STI rear aprons
JDM STI grill w/STI emblem
JDM Subaru pink star badge
JDM STI hood scoop
JDM Subaru rain guards
Carbing aluminum under panel
30% tinted windows by Shades of Gray
STI license plate bracket
Hella Supertone horns
VKInnovations carbon fiber wiper cowl
Summit Racing dzus fasteners
Rolled & pulled front/rear fenders
Takata low down ramps (show use)

BAS-F Ultrasonic Blue Mica w/dark aluminum & purple flake
Shaved & wire tucked engine bay
Shaved: factory antenna, side markers & window washers
Painted: Trunk, radiator brackets, timing belt covers, brake booster, sub frame brace

All powder coating done by Martin at Liquid Powder Coats
All chroming done by Brian at RB chroming
All ceramic coating done in Jet-Hot 2000
All carbon fiber done by Vince at VKInnovations

BRIDE Stradia Maziora edition w/Andromeda backs
BRIDE brackets/sliders
BRIDE optional gradiation center pads
BRIDE wrapped door cards in gradiation
BRIDE wrapped back seat in gradiation
Black suede headliner & visors
Black suede rear deck lid
VKInnovations c/f interior trim pieces
Shaved/painted b & c pillars
Takata harnesses (x2)
Pioneer AVIC-D3 in dash dvd/mp3/cd/nav/ipod
Alpine Type-S 6 ½ front speakers
Alpine Type-S 5 ¼ rear speakers
Alpine Type-S tweeters
Grimmspeed internal antenna
Key!s Racing semi-cone 325mm steering wheel
Works Bell Rapfix II quick release
Works Bell short boss hub
Works Bell Rapfix flipper
STI floor mats
STI shifter trim
STI limited black carpet
STI I/C spray switch
STI key blank
STI Cluster
STI e-brake handle
STI C/F 5mt shift pattern
STI chrome door handles
STI aluminum door sills
STI full pedal set
JMF custom sheet metal rear fire wall
Garage spec shifter extender
ARC polished titanium shift knob
Autospeed dead pedal
Taylor polished battery box
Broadway rear view mirror
Prodriven Auto full interior red LED conversion
YourLEDshop full interior white LED kit
Lotek dual gauge pod
Defi triple gauge hood pod
Defi control unit
Defi BF Amber 60mm guages
-Oil Temp.
-Exhaust Temp.
-Oil Pressure
-Water Temp.

Work Emotion CR Kai 18x9.5 +30 WMB finish
Project Kics R40 Neo chrome lug nuts
Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec 255/35/18
Project µ 355mm big brake kit w/ SCR-PRO rotors
Project µ Teflon/steel braided brake lines
Project µ B-force pads front & rear
Brembo rear calipers (custom powdercoated Pmµ teal)
Rear Brembo adapter kit w/DBA 4000 series rotors
Stoptech SS braided rear brake lines
Custom ABS delete with Earl’s -3AN fittings
Motul RBF-600 brake fluid
Stance AL+ PRO coilovers (8k/6k)
Race alignment (-3F -2.5R)
ARP extended studs F/R
Megan Racing C-pillar bar
Whiteline steering rack bushings
Whiteline roll center kit
Custom 10mm hubcentric spacers
Carbing front strut bar w/msb
Carbing 8pt subframe brace
Cusco rear strut bar
Cusco rear V-brace
Cusco lateral links
Cusco trailing arms
Cusco 22mm front sway bar
Cusco 22mm rear sway bar
Hotchkis front/rear endlinks
Perrin rear sway bar mounts

Engine/head specs:
RAW Performance (Axis) Signature Series block:
• 2.5L STI semi-closed deck case (8.5:1)
• Darton Ductile iron sleeve liners
• Modified forged EJ257 crankshaft
• ACL race main & rod bearings
• Custom Pauter machined forged rods
• Custom & coated CP Forged pistions (100mm)
• High performance pistion rings
• Fully balanced & blue printed
• ARP head studs
• Cometic head gaskets
• Raw Performance shimmed STI oil pump
• New STI water pump
• STI Group-N Kevlar timing belt
• Factory Subaru engine gasket kit

RAW Performance (Axis) Signature Series heads:
• Custom Kelford 280/280 camshafts (11.3mm lift)
• Custom hand porting work
• 5-Angle intake valve job
• 3-Angle & radiused exhaust valve job
• Supertech oversized intake valves (+1mm)
• Supertech oversized Inconel exhaust valves (+1mm)
• Valves lapped into head
• Supertech dual valve springs
• Titanium retainers- new spring seats
• Subaru valve stem seals
• Shimless Subaru buckets
• Flow bench tested

Engine/turbo/dress up:
Ultimate Racing turbo kit (ceramic coated in Jet-Hot 2000)
HTA86 1.06 A/R
2.5” ID up-pipe
Gruppe-S UEL header (ceramic coated in Jet-Hot 2000)
Hydra EMS v2.6 w/wideband
Hydra flat foot shift/launch control cable
JMF custom intercooler kit w/Garrett 24x12x4 core
JMF custom coolant overflow tank
JMF custom coolant tank
JMF custom power steering tank
JMF custom FPR/distribution block bracket
JMF custom dual pulley setup
JMF custom cnc’d alternator bracket
JMF oil cooler core bracket
TiAL “Q” 50mm bov
TiAL 44mm external waste gate
ATP -4AN oil feed line w/.035 restrictor
JDM TGV deletes
Cusco motor/transmission mounts
Koyo Radiator
ATI super damper
Unorthodox 2-pc polished pulley set
Crucial Racing thermostat
Gates Racing accessory belt
Hayden slimline fans
JIC Spartan DE type-1 full titanium exhaust (80mm)
P & L braided power steering line
P & L -8AN head breather adapters
Custom -8AN crank vent system
Peterson Air/Oil separator
Port matched intake manifold and tgvs
Ported throttle body (64.5mm)
Setrab oil cooler core (-10AN)
Mocal sandwich plate w/built in thermostat
JDM STI pink oil filter
Apex'i AVCR electronic boost controller
Apex'i turbo timer w/HKS harness
Vibrant vacuum lines
Agency power pitch stop
Samco radiator hoses
ARC radiator caps (x2)
ARC titanium radiator shroud
ARC oil fill cap
Gallery Original Dress up colored bolts (56pcs.)
Project µ brake & clutch reservoir caps
Project Kics magnetic oil drain plug
NRG polished hood dampers
Full wire tuck by Wkderf

Fuel system:
Ultimate Racing 1260cc injectors
RAW Performance -6AN fuel rails
TurboXS surge tank setup
Bosch044 external fuel pumps (x2)
Walbro 255l/ph fuel pump
Aeromotive A1000 platinum series fuel pressure regulator
Aeromotive fuel pressure gauge
Aeromotive 10-micron fuel filter
Aeromotive aluminum fuel filter bracket
Earl’s distribution blocks (x2)
Earl’s swivel-seal fittings
Earl’s Auto-Flex HTE hose (-8AN feed, -6AN return)
Jay Racing –6AN check valves (x2)
Jay Racing Bosch pump -6AN inlet fittings

PPG 1-4 straight cut gear set (3.08 / 1.87 / 1.32 / 0.95 / std)
PPG 1-4 billet selector forks
PPG LSD front differential
PPG synchros
Powder coated Transmission case w/all new bolts
ACT XT 6-puck sprung clutch
ACT Streetlite flywheel (13.9lbs)
Custom -3AN clutch line
07’ 3.54 R180 (painted, chromed rear diff cover, earls ¾”npt plugs)
Redline lightweight shockproof gear oil
Motul gear 300
Kartboy 5mt short shfiter
Kartboy front shifter bushings
Kartboy rear shifter bushing
Kartboy exhaust hangers
Kartboy trans cross member bushings
Kartboy rear subframe bolts
Kartboy rear outrigger bushings (race)
TIC rear diff mount bushings (race)
TIC shifter pivot bushings
TIC shift linkage bushings
Driveshaft shop 600hp rear axles
Driveshaft shop 600hp front axle bar upgrade

As borrowed from aclassblog:

"If it sounds like I’m gushing over a car, it’s because I am. This car is an example of why I love tuning and more importantly Subarus. It’s the reason I started this blog in the first place. To share builds like this with people who may not have seen them otherwise. I have massive respect for the kind of person who will forgo life’s necessities to achieve this level of tuning. This is not a shop car, it’s privately owned and it’s important to know that. Some may call these types of enthusiasts crazy for their obsession. I call them artists."

Funky Fridays #110.

So good I had to drop a day early.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weekly R&B Banger #59.


Sad to report that my home away from home, FIZZ AUTOSPORTS will be closing it's doors by the end of 2010. Due to economic collapse of 2008 affecting international markets + currency; plus essentially the dissolution of disposable income, FIZZ will be no more.

Where men all over the world would meet on Saturday mornings at the baseball diamond or the golf course, we had a small parking lot in Bayside, Queens off Northern Blvd to call our home. A place to meet up with friends, to talk about current events, sports and of course, cars.

We had Dunkin Donuts across the street, a great Korean BBQ on speed dial, and a steady flow of customers coming in asking about modifications to their Japanese cars, or picking up parts most often ordered 6-8 months in advance. We would often gladly help the customer install the parts right in the parking lot; knowing it would help build the business & customer base and also get us a free lunch.

A big part of the FIZZ legacy was the car shows. For many years, we would tour the circuit from Chicago to Miami representing the FIZZ brand and the products sold under the umbrella. I was gracious to have been sponsored for many years receiving free tires, oil, and car care products. Big thanks to Dunlop, Valvoline, and Eagle One for their generous support.

It was fun planning last minute modifications just before a big show, sweating through a 6-7 hour detail on Thursday, and skipping responsibilities from Friday am through Sunday.

It was always an incredibly fun time waking up early early Friday morning, racing to our destination, planning our line up, assembling the booth, doing a last minute detail for the judges; then off to checking into the local Doubletree then heading out to see whatever the city we were in had to offer. It was fun to hit up Philly, Boston, DC and many other places weekend after weekend, year after year.

The majority of the next day was spent fucking around, checking out the other cars in the "scene", and talking to current and potential sponsors. It was sometimes hell being stuck at shows for 15 hour days, but I wouldn't take back one minute of it. There were always enough distractions.

The drive back was also fun as we would race home, stopping at various rest stops for McNugget re-ups and some last minute photo-ops.

But sadly as all things come to an end. With the economic collapse, corporate sponsors pulled out of the show scene resulting in the end of the national tour and as a result ending a showcase for modified cars. Yes, there are small shows, but no more can you drive to Virginia, meet other car enthusiasts from the area, possibly get your car in a magazine, and drive home with a trophy. As the motivation to show a modded car lessened as did the desire to build a modded car. Why spend thousands of dollars to park your car in the garage? This is the dilemna as just a few years ago, it wasn't uncommon to buy and sell sets of $3K sets of wheels every three months just to be ahead of the trends and compete at the weekend events.

I myself still own the car I built over the years, because I loved the "art" of doing so. But my car has essentially been "done" for many years now. My show car has turned into my only car as I sold my daily driver and the only showcase I go to now is the parking lot at Pathmark.

And unfortunately, most of the guys I met 10 years ago have sold their cars and moved on to SUVs and BMWs. I have met guys from the several generations since, but it can never match the first group of guys who helped build the FIZZ brand.

It is, as they say, the end of an era. Goodbye FIZZ and Rob, good luck with your future endeavors. You will be sorely missed by us all.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Always Gutom.

My parents have been in the Philipines for the last month. So jealous. Sometimes there should be rice on the table.

Girl Like Dis.

Sal, Kris, & Charlie's Deli.

After a fun session with JP at Astoria, headed over to Sal, Kris, & Carmine's Deli for "The Bomb" -a monster of a sandwich with salami, pepperoni, roast beef, ham, turkey, pastrami, mortadella, chicken, american AND provolone cheese, plus hot + sweet peppers, onions, & lettuce. After the mess I made after my initial visit, I've since been smart enough to order without tomatoes nor oil & vinegar which destroys the composition of the bread.

I warned JP and thought maybe we should have shared, but for your first visit, you should order the whole to grasp the magnitude that is "The Bomb".

Look how the sandwich dwarfs a 12oz bottle of Stewart's Popsicle Grape Soda. F'n retarded. The wealth of flavor from every bite is amazing. It might be made better with some fresh mozzarella or some slightly softer bread, but I ain't hatin'. For $7.50 it's the best deal in town. Thanks holmes, I got the next one.

The one tomato they snuck in ended up on the sidewalk where it belongs.


Although I was a skeptic at first, turned off especially by the Nas promo videos + NY media blitz; the P.Rod 4 is actually a pretty good skate shoe. Athough I'm a Half Cab-er for life, the flood of vulc shoes on the market has killed my feet (and wallet) since the soles, although very grippy don't last as long as a cup sole. Also the shoes tend to lose their shape after a few sessions. I've resorted to buying a half or full size down to get a few more days out of the shoes, but my feet have been suffering from the squeeze. Also I've tried skating in dunks which are great, but they take a certain amount of grip guess work. It's always a gamble every other try.

But luckily, I was able to swap a pair of Koston lows for a pair of PRod 4s for a test drive (Thanks NJ Skateshop) and have been pretty happy. Maybe one session to break in, the shoes grip amazing, the interior is incredibly tech and supportive for a low top; saved me from a near devastating hot pocket.

Although I dismissed these images at first, the actual tricks are pretty retarded on video from the waist high ssbsts to the pop out on the bsnb. That ledge doesn't slide for shit. Tech win. Got my SOTY vote.

Yeah, PRod was hated on for the Dew Tour Comps & wealth of park footy on the net. Even I was rooting for PJ Ladd at the BATB3. But now everyone is competing on tv with the wealth of winning $$ available. Why not cash in- 150K for a back lip? Fuck, why not. Good to see quality street footy this guy. You can't really front on that switch tre. Went there with Dan a few summers ago. The run up is bumpy and the triple set is faaar. Proper.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Philly Food Wars.

Headed down to Philly for my annual Cheesesteak Challenge. Big thanks to Daren who was down there for work, for letting me crash and partaking in the beefsteak battle. First off, local Philly fan favorite, Pat's.

To their credit, Pat's was there first and where would we be without a proper steak sandwich. I prefer to order the classic style, "Wiz, With" or Cheez Wiz with Onions. So good. I love provolone and american cheese as much as the next guy, but I gotta keep it classic every time.

Pat's is very very good- served with generous portion of chopped steak, cooked with minced onions. As always I try Pat's first as their serving portions are healthy. We should have prob shared, but nah, gotta keep up our fat kid rep. Now onto Geno's.

Geno's came after Pat's and is usually frowned upon by locals because of that fact, and also for the extravagant neon exterior. Not quite representative of the blue collar Philly ethic, until you get to the window and read the sign that proclaims, "You are in America, order in English". No "Dame un sangwish con queso y cebollas" here.

At Geno's, the steak comes sliced rather than chopped as it is at Pat's and the onions are chopped and not cooked until transparent. Everyone has their preference, but I like my onions almost raw, more flavor.

Although, the battle will continue through eternity, my choice is Geno's. The steak has more flavor with the chopped onions and the bread is much much better. The bread is thicker at Pat's & the sandwich is more bang for your buck since it's larger and more filling as a whole; but the bread at Geno's is softer & more chewy- a better compliment to the sliced steak. I may have to eat two Geno's sandwiches to equal the satisfaction of one Pat's, but thats' fine. I'm only here once a year. bring it on.