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Animal Crackers.

Amidst the doom and gloom in which a rainy summer amplifies the prospect of near poverty, we were handed a gem of a Sunday with 85 degree weather, so we HopStopped as far & magical $4.50 could take us and landed on the corner of Surf & Stillwell Avenue.

Home to the now burned down Totonno's Pizza and the infamous Nathan's Hotdogs soon to be leveled by overzealous developers for yet another abandoned waterfront condo. Dunno who they expect to move into there since the majority of the patrons of the neighborhood speak only some Eastern European craze or Espanol. In any case, trooping out to the end of the R Train is always a treat with it's pleasant waterfront breeze, beachside culinary craze, and the most exquisite people watching you'll ever find.

The beach was pleasantly mellow mid-morning with quiet beach goers con sus familias. The water was also suprisingly warm and welcoming after a rotisserie session in the sand. It was curious to find some corner store thugs swimming laps from the jetty to the pier still rocking their all too familiar du-rags but with Michael Phelps Ltd Ed Speedo swim goggles on top. I can just imagine the scene on the corner the previous night.

"Yo kid, it's gonna be hot as a bitch tommorrow."
"Word, B. We need to get out in the water, son."
"Yo let's get our kit tight so we can get our swim on."
"For real, they got them pool goggles in the back of Pathmark near all the beach shit."
"Oh, word? What about them pool hats they wore in the Olympics?"
"Fuck that, just break out one of your old busted du-rags. I know you got a closet full of them shits."
"Fuck you ni**a, I got kids to feed, you don't see the new Foamposites on these feet."
"Word, my bad. see you on the platform at 9am."

Nothing makes the Coney Experience more complete than a NYPD Yamaha Rhino weaving in and out of the beach goers with some lost 1 year olds trying to find their parents who were probably on the other side of the pier hustling 3 dollar Coronas out of a dirty Jansport. Or the Mariachi men kicking sand all over the place asking for donations after blasting out all your Mexican eatery jams. Hey, I ain't hating. Even these guys deserve a day on the beach. Just don't step on my Frogskins. Had to trade a my AM95 Neon 360s for those.

And of course we had to close out our wonderful afternoon with a toast with the Champagne of Beers, one of our favorite snacks and the always appropriate John's Deli soundtrack.

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Must buy.

On 96th & B'way.

They f'n did it. So hyped. I can even deal with this song being stuck in my head for the next 8 months. Yeah, Nels was blasting while waiting in line for my Timbit Kit and Iced Coffee.

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Better luck next time.

So Monday afternoon I had to go to downtown LA for some business stuff
so I got ready for a great lunch at a new place.

Clifton's Cafeteria opened in the 30's and is well known for it's over
the top forest decor and good food. It was only a few short blocks
from where I was, so I trooped over to hit it up.

As you can see, the official status is "maybe next time". I hit TK on
the way home instead. Gay.

Hooked up.

Congrats to AP on his first aquatic recreational purchase. Enjoy.


After a few weeks of trading emails, the homeys finally cashed in their Daddy Day Passes for a day of skating. Our usual trip takes us to a couple pre-fab Jersey parks then onto FDR in Philly but New England is pretty hot right now with the f'n Sox holding down first place, free padless concrete skateparks every couple exits, and a package store in every town for the beverage refills, and of course Tim Horton's. There's real talk about Riese Inc. considering opening a few stores in town. Don't fuck with me, Riese.

CT wasn't much for roadside culinary delights, but it's nice to have the convenience of pizza/grinder shops in every town for the turkey provolone re-ups. I did splurge on a chick cut grinder for dinner, but the guy gave me the, "Fuck you we don't have that ghetto shit here," when I asked for some hot sauce. Gotta keep a Franks Red Hot handy just like my inhaler. At least they had a circa 95 Johnny Mnemonic Pinball Kit. Officer Tutuolla was holding it down not letting any free balls pass.

I'm more on the aspiring ledge monkey than tranny troll spectrum of skatepark nerds, but the CT parks are pretty much perfect so I had to try and get a taste. After Waterford, it was clear my 7.4 Kalis and 50mm Golds weren't exactly ideal but manageable. Gotta go through the Deluxe catalog for the next trip.

Next kit was Norwich. Way the hell off the highway but a fun quick hit nonetheless. There was an orange trucker hat hometown hero trying to show us up, but it was nothing compared to Willy Bagel's Kenny Reed Photograffitti bsnbs shots.

Next stop was Baltic which was kind of being run by BMXers. The trannys here were the biggest of all the parks so far, so I thought to just save my juice for the next kit and help film some video for the homies. Gotta get that zoom attachment for my iKit.

Our trusty rental. We swear it was the ghetto Jerz car rental owner Hector's personal ride. On an interesting note, we found out from a skate Mom on our last NE trip, that it's legal for the passengers in CT to have open beer containers. Skeptical, we asked a package store owner, the local pizza guy as well as a cop if it were true, and it is. Gladly Mike Stim is our designated driver, but it's very odd to be cruising around with a Bullets in the cup holders. Hector sure got a gem of an interior cleaning the next day with beer, pee, farts, and Salt & Vinegar Kettle Chips wafting throughout the van.

Westerly, Rhode Island was the close out with perfect smooth ground, trannys, friendly locals, and a 5 minute drive to the beach for the post session sweat dirt rinse off. Here you can pretty much cruise around without having to put a foot down. we skated until the sun went down over a few beers and even went down to the beach to relax before the mission home.

Overall a pretty epic day for a grip of blue collars. It's days like this that help you get up in the morning. Hey, we even got blessed with a rare double fag logo and no mongo longboarders. Taste the rainbow.

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Mighty Healthy.


It's funny... but there's more dick in the movie than I care to look at.

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Chilly Willy.

Took advantage of Summer Fridays with JP and took a ride to BK with PZA. Cruised over the Williamsburg Bridge from Manhattan for the first time to check out Boundless NY and King Cog. Saw our old skate homey Teddy Ted in a clip from a recent article on the Brazilian blog: for the shop and went to see what's up since we lost touch.

Always great to get back to long lost family. Big thanks for blessing us with some King Stampede gear. Get Some!

If you hit up their blog you can DL some of his DJ Mixes. Pretty tight.
DL The Ghostface Show Here.

It was great to hear DJ Teddy King still is keeping the Hop Hop turntable dream alive.

2009 NYC DMC Round One 2 minute set.

2009 NYC DMC Semi-Finals 6 minute set.

Under Teddy Teds recommendation for a proper BK slice spot, we hit up La Nonna. Pretty decent. Classic NY with some Neapolitan flavor. Solid crust with gracious toasted cornmeal on the upskirt although slightly too crisp, clean sauce a little on the sweet side- juss how I like it, and some good quality cheese. Definitely demands a return visit.

PZA crushing an always refreshing Coca-Cola.

Checked out King Kog, which was as exciting as a lesbian hipster owned fixed gear bike shop could get, then rolled over to the RECON outlet. Great joint with rare incredible finds at bargain basement prices. Picked up a Futura Labs skate bag for $40.

I find it amazing that artists like Stash and Futura can sell a well-designed sneaker that can demand from $400 to $4000, but they can't sell streetwear(?) Who does their marketing? Teddy Ruxpin? Peaced out with JP and headed back to Queens via a nice cruise over the Pulaski Bridge. Today was a good day.