Thursday, October 19, 2006

Roll up to the spot looking extra fly...

This past Sunday night I headed to NYC. Monday was packed with appointments and dinner plans and Tuesday was more of the same. Typical right? Well, A-Trak just moved to NYC recently so we made plans to get together. He was playing a "party" that night so Al and I headed downtown to check it out.

Al sipping some of the abundant supply of Hennessy that was on hand.

Upon arrival, we saw huge tents with rows of limos and Range Rovers packing the front. The doors were definitely closed for the night and scores of "beautiful people" were left standing in the rain making calls to their "people" trying to get in. Luckily for us, A-Trak was kind enough to get us in the stage entrance. What we thought was just a party in grimy ass Chinatown turned out to be a private, VIP, laminated pass, red carpet and all that Henessey Aristry event. The Strokes went on first, followed by an A-Trak set and then Kanye's throwdown. Pharrell even came out for a few tracks. What was crazy was that both acts played full sets, not watered down personal appearance sets. Hell, Kanye even brought the orchestra. A true professional. Many thanks to A-Trak for the great time. I always wondered what a $1,000,000 party was like.

You never know where the day is going to take you.

Kanye and Pharell.

A-Trak. Thanks for the great time yo.