Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Turn up the Jodeci..

Not quite an R&B Banger, but pretty dope.

Monday, July 30, 2007

I just sold my baby :(

Most gear heads own a couple cars. One for show, one for track, as well as daily drivers. The most I have owned was three, but up until recently I owned two. Two Subarus, both black with gold wheels. While most daily drivers are beaters, my daily turned into a second project car. I was throwing money to not just one but two cars to build them both to show quality.

The car is a 98RS originally owned by good friend. We drove many miles in that car from snowboarding trips, to parties, to drunk driving adventures. It was his influence that helped me buy my "nice" car around 03. I bought the car a few years later once he was ready to buy & build a new project. I was close to done with my car and was looking for a new project myself.

However, the car seemed to have a mind of her own like the car from the movie, Christine. When I first got the car, I went kinda nuts and bought a grip of shit to make it to spec: engine, suspension, seats, stereo etc. But after a few months, it seemed every time I would have money saved to do work on the car, a part would fail or it would recieve some exterior damage from random street parking. Within the few years I owned the car, I had to replace a blown engine, repair many many dings & dents, and lastly had to deal with my JDM racing seats stolen right out of the car while lending the car to a friend. That sealed the deal. I couldn't keep the car anymore.

I threw the car in storage until I could figure out what to do with the car. It's like stepping in shit with brand new shoes. You leave them on the sidewalk and walk into the closest Foot Locker.

Finally sold the car to a friend and fellow car tard. Bittersweet, but now I have some cash to pay bills & to blow on some useless bullshit; but like that old crazy gf, I'll always miss you girl!

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Spent the weekend at the Red Rocks Resort in Las Vegas. 72 lanes of
bowling, 16 movie theaters and a crazy pool setup. Very chill weekend
to say the least.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

La Familia.

Hook-ups are essential for the constant consumer. "Yo, does your cuz still work @ Foot Locker uptown?...No doubt. You want those new Jordans?...Word." "My brother is in town, can you train him?...Sure, get me 4 tickets to tonight's game and it's on." It's just the name of the game because nothing lasts forever.

However, for me, I hate asking family for anything. Never wanna look like a scrub who can't stand on his feet. When my sister used to work as a merchandiser for POLO, her friends used to get suits, whole bedding sets and dinner sets. I, on the other hand, would just wait for the Holidays to get my seasonal assortment of POLO polo shirts, sox & box.

I have always loved Louis Vuitton craze, because it's clean, flossy, & super retarded expensive. Straight ghetto fab dream shit. LVMH has such incredibly high standards that there are never any sales and any blemished pieces are usually destroyed as are the left-over end of season surplus. So So Craze.

It wasn't until the other day, when my sis & I met up for lunch when she told me she was pregs that I ever thought I would come up some LV gear. So after some Burger Joint* I got the walk through of all walk throughs. Copped a dope new wallet to replace the busted lipstick-red Lacoste bill-fold I got while on the last trip to Tokyo a few summers ago. An iPHONE case and Travel set are on the way. HOLLA!!!

*Oh Yeah, I'm gonna be an Uncle! So Hyped. Congrats to Daze and Mikey. Hope it's a lil' man so I can buy him hella Jordans, take him to Yanks games, and buy him a motorcycle his parents wouldn't approve of.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Still Love You, Ho.

Hot Import Nights NYC

It's been a while since I have been able to show at a Hot Import Nights with the past shows out West, Texas and Florida. I'm dedicated but that's retarded. I still don't understand how my other team members do it week after week.

So this past show was "HIN NYC" although I don't really count Belmont Raceway in Long Island, Metropolitan NY. Whatevs, I didn't quite mind crawling out of bed to roll-in to the show. Most of the time it's a 6am wake-up to a 5 hour run with the same drive the night after a 12 hour stint. This one was nice as it was an outdoor show, so I wasn't too bombarded by the blasting reggaeton & smoke shows you find @ most indoor shows. There was a moto, drift demo, and dyno session which helped pass the time.

It was also fun to show some of the guys around town, since it was their first proper visit here. We f'd around Flushing, Queens aka KoreaTown and hit up some sneaker spots downtown. Overall, it was a good time. However, the ride out for the team was craze with the rental van getting keyed, a brake line blowing on one of the cars & a radiator hose blowing on another. What was planned as an 8am roll-out to a noon lunch @ home turned into a 10pm arrival @ their homes in Virginia/ Maryland. OOF. Hope we don't experience the same nightmare next month in Montreal.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Less than 24 hours in SLC.

Back from a quick turn in Salt Lake. In and out in under 24 hours.
Handling business. I definitely miss mountain towns in the summer.
Park City was looking pretty inviting.

Hit a bomb-ass Mexican spot with the Backcountry crew. And by bomb-ass
I mean it was good, although I am still well within the window for
exit wound status.

PS- I figured out CAPS LOCK on the iPhone, very useful.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tall Todd is going to hell.

Funniest link in a minute.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

You had me P'Zone...

Sausage+Hamburger+Pizza+Unidentified Veggies+Hot Dogs= ASSPLOSION

Ever wanted hot dogs encased in the crust of your pizza? Well no more. A quick trip to Japan and it shall be yours.

Turkey sandwiches, Indian grocers, Hipsters. Yes, a brief trip to LA.

After dropping Yo off at LAX for her super trip to Asia (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Tokyo) on Saturday, I headed down to the hipster haven that is Fairfax Blvd. in LA to get out of the OC for a couple of hours. The first stop was Canter's for a sandwich that could choke a Clydesdale. Seriously, who needs this much meat on a sandwich? I guess it's in case you accidentally put the wrong condiment on the top layer of bread and meat 22 times. In that case you would still have quite a sandwich left. But really, I think it's good old Jewish value for the customer. Although for $15 it better be big.

I hit all the hot spots, dropping about $300 at The Hundreds, checking out the new fitted spot Hall of Fame, as well as SLB, Supreme, Flight Club LA, Diamond, and of course, Turntable Lab. It's still funny to see the contrast of businesses down there. Supreme shares a wall with a Hasidic supply store, and there are a ton of random people still lurking down there. I'm waiting for the collabos to start happening. I'm sensing a Supreme x New Era x Hirschmann's Hasidic Supply Yarmulke in the works.

On the way out of town, I hit the Kwik E Mart. By now I think everyone has heard that 7-11 re-did 12 of their stores to be Kwik E Marts. Probably one of the best marketing ideas I've ever seen. Buzz Cola, Krusty-O's, Squishees, they had it all. Although I should add that I never actually made it inside since there was a 30 minute wait to get in, complete with security line and guard regulating the situation.

I guess since this one was right off of the 405 and super easy to find, every tourist to hit LA knows about it. Oh yeah, and you can pretty much see Sony Pictures from the parking lot. So yeah, lots of tourists. I did manage to hijack a parking spot and get some shots. It seems like it would be a good idea for them to keep a few 7-11's done up permanently, people are super into it. I was'nt about to wait a half hour to get into a 7-11 though. Hell, I only managed to wait an hour for an iPhone which by the way, documented all the photos you see here.

PS- I think this movie is going to suck. last time I had a good laugh at the Simpsons we were at war in Iraq the first time and I was in the middle of some Social Studies homework. Zing!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Best Mixtape Title (and theme) Ever

Grabbed this at Turntable Lab this weekend. Super good. It never
ceases to amaze me what music nerds are able to blend together.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Usted Tiene Que Estar Jodiendo Bromearme.

Translation: You have to be fucking kidding me.

All my racist jokes have come to bite me in the ass because my favorite beer company is now run by Mexicans.

Watch Yo Step!

Went to the local spot the other day not only to find that the price of slices went up 25 cents but that the local crackhead lady fell into the hole in front of the shop. Apparently the fly trap was open because they were about to unload a big delivery of pepperoni, but BAM they got a side of drunk bitch too. That's what they get for posting up right next to the alcoholic bar which opens for dranking at 9am. Holla.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Chillin' with Homer

Living the dream.

Things to look for:

1. The Van
2. The 4 things.
3. The Girl Rule.
4. Dad reference.

Not Big Black.....

Small Puerto Rican. Yolanda tries on Big Black's sweatshirt. That is one big dude.

Still tippin'

Mike Jooooooones.....

Caught in Pennsyltucky

This past weekend two cops were shot while investigating a possible stolen vehicle. The two officers saw an expensive German automobile in a questionable neighborhood and walked up to question the people inside the vehicle. They were immediately shot down. One is still in critical condition but his partner has been able to leave the hospital with sustained injuries.

I has been a hunt to find the three assailants but the third was found last night in, off all places, the Poconos. If you were escaping a serious crime from the NY Metropolitan area, it would be smart to possibly escape to Mexico, Canada, or even Vermont. However, our genius here thought it would be remote enough to escape to the depths of the Pennsylvania Alps. Perhaps it was the attraction of the beautiful Mount Airy Lodge that attracted him but STOOPS, there it is. What a ghetto retard.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Charged up.

Ordered one of these today. This thing charges your iPod, iPhone, or PSP from the headphone jack in any airplane seat. Perfect. I have a couple of 14 plus hour flights coming up, so that is the last place that I want any of my stuff to take a shit. Nothing worse than seeing that dead battery icon pop up when your less than 100 miles into your first flight. That will make your backpack with $6000 worth of electronics in it useless instantaneously.

Pulled Pork.

Hit Lucille's for lunch today. So good. The mashed sweet potatoes are
off the hook. Can't hit this place too often so I don't end up looking
like Grimace, but it is the spot as long as you don't plan on eating
dinner later.

Not Quite Nathan's.

Like Back to the Future did it for some with skating, Hot Dog cemented my fascination with wintersports.

If only I kept my CB jacket and leg gaiters.

R&B Weekly Banger #30

Around when Purple Rain was out, this was the jam.

BONUS: A clip from one of the best flicks from that time. You can't fuck wit' Bruce Leroy.

R&B Weekly Banger #29

For all those who have been to the Pussycat Lounge/ Dirty Billy's- this one's for you.

There is a video game for everything these days.

Just in case a trip through the security line at the airport is'nt enough for you.

Lawn Sprinkler My Ass.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Born to Run

Here @ home we're experiencing some incredibly warm and humid weather. It is summer, but give me a few more days of this I'm going to have to resort to using a frozen pork chop tampon to keep from having to tuck my balls into my socks.

But yesterday I had the luxury of enjoying "Alex Shabbat" and yo vamos a la playa con mi novia. We trooped down to Spring Lake , NJ to cool down, get wet, and cop a tan. The NJ Shore is known for being pretty grimy, But here it's a little more Martha Stewart and little less Bruce Springsteen. Peeps here have million dollar houses, there's no boardwalk craze, and no guido craze.

Swimming here is a trip as the riptide is pretty gangsta and will toss you if you don't pay attention. Plus once you make it back out, you'll be covered in anything from algae juice, dead ants, and probably some diaper tape. But it was a good time overall especially since we got to sample some of the best beach cuisine NJ has to offer: Boar's Head cut wraps, Crinkle Cut fries and my all-time favorite, Mac and Cheez bites. Holla.

We're going down Peter.

Went to game the other night. Good times and a good win. Maybe it was the heat or the alcohol, but I swear this eleventeen yo's back fat was talking to me like the dog from the Neverending Story.

Monday, July 09, 2007

77 Drumset- The Boredoms

Went to the old neighborhood in DUMBO to try and get some Patsy Grimaldi's Pizza and some ice cream, but got caught up in hella long lines. It seemed like there was some craze was going on and walked around to investigate. It apparently was an event started by some Japanese band called the Boredoms with 77 drummers planned to play for 77 minutes to commemorate 7-7-07.

Everyone knows that 7 is a lucky number but I never knew how much it was a part of Japanese culture:

"It’s a quite primitive concept. It’s related to where Japanese people came from. There is a river called Amur River, in Russia. Amur River is huge, gigantic river, almost like sea. We Japanese come from the north of the river.
North means above, above means cosmic. If you go further up in space, there is a river. A river of stars in heaven. We came from this place. Japanese people have an idea of this subconsciously.
Amur sounds like the Japanese word Ama. Ama means sky, cosmos, the universe. We see the Milky Way as a river of stars, we imagine it’s like a river in the sky.
In Japan, we have the Star Festival on July 7. It is the middle of the rainy season. If we get lucky, we can see Milky Way in clear sky. Every Japanese person knows a romantic myth related to July 7.
July 7 is supposed to be only day in the year you can see two stars on each edge of the Milky Way. People think one side as a girl, other side as a boy, and they are meant to be a couple. They can only see each other, once a year, on July 7, by crossing Milky Way. Where did that myth come from? It came our Japanese ancestors who lived near the sacred Amur River.
The original inhabitants of Japan had a philosophy called Animism, which believes there are numerous gods in nature. They worshiped the gods in nature. I feel sympathy for that way of thinking.
The people coming from Amur were the opposite, rather powerful and systematic. As new settlers the Amur people needed to get along with original inhabitants, so they declared themselves messengers from the sun, messengers of Amaterasu, the sun god. The Japanese people today came from Amaterasu. We come from the sun.
7 is the number when we try to express sun as sound. When I glance at the sun, I see number 7."

I'm not remotely familiar with their music but the event was pretty craze set at the Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park, just under the Brooklyn Bridge to start @ Sunset. The sound was retarded.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Kwik E Kraze

I admit I haven't been following the Simpsons as much since Family Guy has been back on the air; but a closet full of Simpson figures can attest to my retard fanaticism. So when I heard they were converting a grip of 7-11s to Kwik E Marts, I was super hyped. Especially, since I'm a super 7-11 snack fan but never knew they existed in Manhattan, let alone just West of Times Square; but who goes there anyways. I need a trip to the Wax Museum like a need crap in my pants.

But the trip was sooo worth it. After some hot dogs, a donut, and a Blue Rasberry Squishee, I couldn't be happier.