Wednesday, October 04, 2006


We made it out to the promiseland- the Miller Brewing Company. After years of enjoying the High Life, it was dope to see where the all the magic happens. Took the tour and got to see what's up.

There was a Miller village that was straight out of Willy Wonka. It was a Friday, but craze. We didn't see any of the workers around. Probably was Miller Time and everyone was enjoying all the free beer the employees get at the work bar.

There was video that played before the tour that made you hella thirsty bec they kept playing that beer pouring sound.

I was happier than a pig in shit- just like a bitch.

The closer of the tour was dope. Hella free beer!

Even Dan took advantage and lived the High Life.

Finally found out what the High Life logo is all about. Apparently, Mr. Miller got drunk and lost in the woods. Passed out momentarily and awoke to the lady in the Moon. She showed him the way to safety and bang! -there's the logo.