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Fall Classic.

Go Yanks! So hyped that I was able to experience a win like that at the Stadium. Tough series, but we're ready to take on Philly.

Pre-Game: There was a buzz in the air at the stadium. I was blessed with the opportunity to go to a playoff game- Big Thanks to Mr. Hugh. It was f'n Game 6 with the Yanks up 3-2. Anticipation was high all day Sunday, so we went up to the Bronx early to take it all in. Saw groups of fans cheering it up in front of the various tv news crews, saw "Big Pussy" from the Sopranos stroll by, basically watched the legions of fans stroll in with the excitement of the prospect of a win to make to the World Series, the first time in six years.

Don't get me wrong, it would be great to have seats right behind home plate; but there's nothing like watching a game up in Tier where the real fans sit to watch and talk shit. Here anything goes. Didn't see one cop the whole game. Good luck if you are a visiting team fan, you might get called out.

After our last game where I was let into the game with a pizza box, I didn't hold back with the game snacks. Of course I love a Stadium Nathan's, but it's not enough to hold down 5 hours of nervous hunger. Armed to the teeth with couple Buffalo Chicken Subs, Cherry Zeroes, Peanuts, Cookies, Brownies, and Gem of a find @Pathmark: not just regular Ketchup Chips but HEINZ HERR's- Jillian, Hugh and I weren't going hungry. With such a clutch game, you didn't really want to leave the action nor stand on line and miss a play for some stupid Nachos.

Top of the Ninth, 2 outs, the count is 3-2. The whole Stadium was on their feet cheering on Mo' for the close out. One pitch later...BOOM we witness history. The whole place erupted in screams of elation. I've never experienced anything like that. We were so f'n high from the win.

We stayed for a bit to watch the post-game on the big screens and watch the team celebrate with champagne sprays. It was amazing to witness a Game 6 Playoff win. Geeked out and walked around taking pics. Great night in the Bronx. Hyped to take on the returning champions in the Fall Classic. Go Yanks!

I was hyped to get home and check the pics taken by the Yankeeographer. Almost jumped the gun and bought the framed pic, but noticed the banner around pic was for the previous series against the Twins(?). Get it right lady. Stoops!

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Roc Raida Tribute Show

Def feel like an asshole for missing this show, prob the best dj show in the past decade. Rest in Peace Roc Raida.



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The Jumpoff.

Funky Fridays #60.

Queens Finest.

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Must find this.

No idea where to get these, and shipping is out of the question unless
I want a box full of red juice, but....damn.

Nike id iPhone App Released.


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JDM Burger Candy.

Dunno about this. I'll stick to Skittles.

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Chat N' Chew.

After a lackluster lunch performance on our skate trip last weekend up to Bristol, CT, I jumped at the chance to blow my allowance @Chat N' Chew. I've always avoided this place because the prices are a hair in the snoot range, but it was kind of a going away event so I obliged. And boy was I happy I did so.

Sweet Park. Sad Sandwich. Took forever to make but there was nothing in it. Moved the guts from one half to the other, but there was still waaay too much bread. But for a $6 hero, guess I can't really complain. Still yet to have a decent meal in CT, unless I'm lucky enough to grace the walls of a Cracker Barrell.

The place is full of vintage posters and random 50s tchotchkes; not unlike a Shenanigans but it's all legit. Ordered some Hot Cider to defrost from the brickness that crept up today.

The menu is right up my alley of Southern Home Cookin' but since it's near Union Square, I always thought of it as a tourist trap. Unfortunately, the deep fryers were down so no fries and wings. Skewed my original plan for a burger and some sweet potato fries. So I ordered and waited. The wait for service is painfully long but as with all fresh made food, it's all worth it.

First up to bat was their Mac N Cheese appetizer which might have been top three if not the best I've ever had. It came out super crusty like Creme Brulee with a nice hardened ceiling with a bit of heaven underneath. The few servings from the various restaurants I've been to has been slightly on the wet side, not quite my preference; but here it's near perfect: chewy & cheesy. It was sad to just polish off our app sized portion. Perhaps next visit, I'll get the dinner sized kit with the steak or chicken option. Yum.

Dinner arrived a good half hour post app, but by now my appetite was ready to handle this mammoth of a Thanksgiving Sandwich. Sliced Turkey, Stuffing & Cranberries on fresh Ciabatta bread.. Ordered some mashed potatoes as a side {since no fries} and dropped it right onto the sandwich.

Pure Heaven right there.

Yes, our meal did take forever to show up, but the food is cooked to perfection and the waitstaff is very nice and attentive. A must eat and a second visit in the near future for sure.

Meth to Fakie.

Chrome Ball has been killing it these days.

Ayo Technology.

Funky Fridays #59.

Weekly R&B Banger #51.

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I figured it out...

iPhones don't work on Fridays. Now that I know, I feel much better,