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Bread and Cheez Remix.

Quartersnacks got comedy on lock.

In more QS news, I'm super hyped on the Busenitz Since Day One Remix. I loved the video aside from the music choices as per usual. Ishod's James Brown was tight but the Meek Mill QS Remix is better.

Always loved to watch Booze N Tits complete board control and how he isn't afraid to throw some powerslides around. Sliding around at full speed is prob one of my favorite things about skating. No better warm up.

It's just too bad after a bad one, that's $30 down the drain. One of the things I missed about the NY parks was the surface. It was that smooth slippery concrete that was powerslide friendly. I could throw a full speed backside slide without the Flintstone aftermath. At least my current situation has taught me to enjoy a broken in set-up. Board feeling old? Throw on some new grip. Got some flat spots? Bomb a hill to even them out.

As awesome as IG is, it's so heartbreaking to see these packages that the pros get. Yes, they do risk life & limb to produce the content we enjoy day after day; but the 13yo kid in me can't help to be insanely jealous to know they get more in one box than I use in a year. At least heroes like BA & The Boss are sincerely grateful for their product. Again big big thanks to DMC for helping a brotha out. Appreciate it for reals!

As most iPhone nerds, I have been throughly enjoying Instagram. It helps me keep in touch with friends & learn more about LA. Big thanks to Steven Cales for the Big Mama's & Papa's info. Just like Benny Tudino's in Hoboken or Koronet Pizza near Columbia University; I can get a slice bigger than my head.

Just gotta make sure to bring my utensils.

Funky Fridays #191.

Weekly R&B #91.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fairfax gone platinum.

I think Killer Dave hit it right on the head when he claimed Odd Future as Wu Tang 2012. These guys are what hip hop is all about. They made a standard Terry Richardson photo shoot into an improvised video shoot that landed them 4.7 million views on YouTube. That's more people than watch an episode of Mad Men just for reference. 

Doodle beats.

I didn't even realize yesterday's Google Doodle was playable. I guess I know for future reference.

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Check the status.

Refresh for current value. Then either shoot yourself or start taking software engineering classes. Your choice.

Word Up.

Wrench Pilot.

Andy Jenkins of Club Homeboy/ Art Dump fame has been breaking my heart by putting some of my all time favorite boards on eGay for sale. Thanks for breaking down a poor man.

Funky Fridays #90.

Weekly R&B #90.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

School bus to fakie.

Chucch Street.

I need to re-think my approach. I sure do miss taking money from these rich clowns laughing at their pull-ups.

"You got it yo. One more." Thanks Norm for the link.

It was really a blessing to be a trainer back home. I had such a good network of contacts that although I may have bitched every other day, I could really build business simply with a few text messages. It's been tough starting from scratch. Learning how to "market" myself against Ironman competitors and former boy-band now ballet dancers has been a lesson in humility. Why pay me when you can get this guy with his killer back tat?

Integration is still in an issue here as the high end clubs don't hire minorities, Asians think I'm Mexican and Mexicans know I'm Asian; so I'm pretty much fucked. I can't earn a premium for standing around anymore. So I guess after all these years of joking about it, I could still apply to work at Sunglass Hut. At least they may provide insurance once I can prove I didn't sneak over the border.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Cheese & Crack is one of the most watchable videos although the soundtrack is almost unbearable. It's great to catch an edit with Daewon's voiceover. When that video came out, it inspired me to try and get some tranny legs going. Growing up skating, most guys my age had access to mini-ramps and had a decent bag of tricks. I lost most of those tricks and had to painfully re-learn them all back as a grown ass man when I could get near a mellow quarterpipe. Thank the Lord for Astoria Park. Too bad I don't live a short skate away anymore.

I was most excited to finally re-learn backside disaster reverts. Just like the day I finally learned backside tailslides in college after staring at this sequence for all those years. It's relatively easy trick, but it's always fun to throw out there because it's flashy. But one sloppy revert and your "park wheels" turn into "street wheels". Duh Duh Duh Duh.

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LA River North Spot Check.

Finally got motivated to cruise the LA Bike Path with DMCs help. It wasn't all that bad since the upper section is kinda medium length. I'm sure there's a way to continue the full length of it going south but technical difficulties kept us to the northern most part that originates (or ends) at Griffith Park. It was crazy to see two of the spots seen in the vids. I've been dying to find this bondo'd bank to wall; but still waiting on RECON from Tino...

We did, however, find two crazy spots. It's insane to see how rough & rugged these spots really were. It still amazes me what's been done there. The cement isn't exactly smooth, there's tons of cracks and one bail and it's splash, into the river.

Silas' back tail is retarded. The angle is crazy tight, the bondo entry barely helps, and the ledge is head height. One slip out and it's straight to the dome. It's a shame the bondo is currently chopped up. Dunno if that was a city thing or someone wanted to close out the spot.

Then there's Daewon's ender from Skate More. From the cracks to the speed he had to get to fakie manual the whole distance to the steepness of the re-entry. Fuck. That shit is no joke.

Monday, May 07, 2012

New New.

Chrome put up some cool shit today.

LRG made this sweet Menace throwback tee. It's sold out on the site but maybe you can still find it at Macy's or Jimmy Jazz.

This series is pretty cool. Kinda pissed me off though. Reminds of the rich fat kid you grew up with that skated but not really. He sucked but always had all the new shit. You hated him but still chilled at his house after school because he had a pool and his Mom always stocked tons of snacks."Yo, did you see that? I totally landed it."

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Salad Days.

I sure do miss sessions with the homies. Yeah, there are amazing parks out here but I look the fat Mexican that's gonna rob somebody so everybody leaves. Sorry, Daryl Angel, Mike York and everybody else; I was just trying to get a session going.