Thursday, July 05, 2007

Oh Ok

There's seems to be some serious hate from the true fixed crowd from all the new people trying it out. From bikes getting jacked, from shops not selling kits to newbies, etc. At first, I was like, "what the fuck". Then I saw him. The fucking typical poser retard that peeps seem to be hating on. Take the guy that works in your IT/ Mailroom. He can't play sports and realized that HALO nor DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION doesn't remotely count. But at some point he did learn how to ride a bicycle.

It was yesterday afternoon. I was riding around & chilling with the crazy retard heads who closed off the block so they could play football and throw M-80s at each other. They set off brick after brick of firecrackers, but I was so amazed that no cops came through to beef.

Anyways so there I am on the corner with my bike and this bitch comes through with a fresh Ebought Cycling hat, Crispy new shoulder bag, & a brand new bike set-up with both brakes and a FREEWHEEL set-up on his "fixed" kit. Mind you, it's fucking 4th of July. Most major businesses are closed therefore ZERO messengering is going on, but there's this fucking fag riding around like he's working. Fuck that bitch. You don't need to put on such a costume to return your recently rented XBOX games.

Now I know exactly where the hate comes from. While there are heads who bust their ass for a living, rain or shine, and who compete in Triathalons in their spare time- here's this piece of shit. Think of the guy who comes into the skate shop, buys a whole new kit, buys a whole new complete, goes to the skatepark, pushes full speed mongo to 50-50 the small box, lands fs feeble, busts his ass & sends his helmet 20 feet across the skatepark. Yeah, fuck, I hate that asshole too.