Monday, July 30, 2007

I just sold my baby :(

Most gear heads own a couple cars. One for show, one for track, as well as daily drivers. The most I have owned was three, but up until recently I owned two. Two Subarus, both black with gold wheels. While most daily drivers are beaters, my daily turned into a second project car. I was throwing money to not just one but two cars to build them both to show quality.

The car is a 98RS originally owned by good friend. We drove many miles in that car from snowboarding trips, to parties, to drunk driving adventures. It was his influence that helped me buy my "nice" car around 03. I bought the car a few years later once he was ready to buy & build a new project. I was close to done with my car and was looking for a new project myself.

However, the car seemed to have a mind of her own like the car from the movie, Christine. When I first got the car, I went kinda nuts and bought a grip of shit to make it to spec: engine, suspension, seats, stereo etc. But after a few months, it seemed every time I would have money saved to do work on the car, a part would fail or it would recieve some exterior damage from random street parking. Within the few years I owned the car, I had to replace a blown engine, repair many many dings & dents, and lastly had to deal with my JDM racing seats stolen right out of the car while lending the car to a friend. That sealed the deal. I couldn't keep the car anymore.

I threw the car in storage until I could figure out what to do with the car. It's like stepping in shit with brand new shoes. You leave them on the sidewalk and walk into the closest Foot Locker.

Finally sold the car to a friend and fellow car tard. Bittersweet, but now I have some cash to pay bills & to blow on some useless bullshit; but like that old crazy gf, I'll always miss you girl!