Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hot Import Nights NYC

It's been a while since I have been able to show at a Hot Import Nights with the past shows out West, Texas and Florida. I'm dedicated but that's retarded. I still don't understand how my other team members do it week after week.

So this past show was "HIN NYC" although I don't really count Belmont Raceway in Long Island, Metropolitan NY. Whatevs, I didn't quite mind crawling out of bed to roll-in to the show. Most of the time it's a 6am wake-up to a 5 hour run with the same drive the night after a 12 hour stint. This one was nice as it was an outdoor show, so I wasn't too bombarded by the blasting reggaeton & smoke shows you find @ most indoor shows. There was a moto, drift demo, and dyno session which helped pass the time.

It was also fun to show some of the guys around town, since it was their first proper visit here. We f'd around Flushing, Queens aka KoreaTown and hit up some sneaker spots downtown. Overall, it was a good time. However, the ride out for the team was craze with the rental van getting keyed, a brake line blowing on one of the cars & a radiator hose blowing on another. What was planned as an 8am roll-out to a noon lunch @ home turned into a 10pm arrival @ their homes in Virginia/ Maryland. OOF. Hope we don't experience the same nightmare next month in Montreal.