Thursday, July 26, 2007

La Familia.

Hook-ups are essential for the constant consumer. "Yo, does your cuz still work @ Foot Locker uptown?...No doubt. You want those new Jordans?...Word." "My brother is in town, can you train him?...Sure, get me 4 tickets to tonight's game and it's on." It's just the name of the game because nothing lasts forever.

However, for me, I hate asking family for anything. Never wanna look like a scrub who can't stand on his feet. When my sister used to work as a merchandiser for POLO, her friends used to get suits, whole bedding sets and dinner sets. I, on the other hand, would just wait for the Holidays to get my seasonal assortment of POLO polo shirts, sox & box.

I have always loved Louis Vuitton craze, because it's clean, flossy, & super retarded expensive. Straight ghetto fab dream shit. LVMH has such incredibly high standards that there are never any sales and any blemished pieces are usually destroyed as are the left-over end of season surplus. So So Craze.

It wasn't until the other day, when my sis & I met up for lunch when she told me she was pregs that I ever thought I would come up some LV gear. So after some Burger Joint* I got the walk through of all walk throughs. Copped a dope new wallet to replace the busted lipstick-red Lacoste bill-fold I got while on the last trip to Tokyo a few summers ago. An iPHONE case and Travel set are on the way. HOLLA!!!

*Oh Yeah, I'm gonna be an Uncle! So Hyped. Congrats to Daze and Mikey. Hope it's a lil' man so I can buy him hella Jordans, take him to Yanks games, and buy him a motorcycle his parents wouldn't approve of.