Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Born to Run

Here @ home we're experiencing some incredibly warm and humid weather. It is summer, but give me a few more days of this I'm going to have to resort to using a frozen pork chop tampon to keep from having to tuck my balls into my socks.

But yesterday I had the luxury of enjoying "Alex Shabbat" and yo vamos a la playa con mi novia. We trooped down to Spring Lake , NJ to cool down, get wet, and cop a tan. The NJ Shore is known for being pretty grimy, But here it's a little more Martha Stewart and little less Bruce Springsteen. Peeps here have million dollar houses, there's no boardwalk craze, and no guido craze.

Swimming here is a trip as the riptide is pretty gangsta and will toss you if you don't pay attention. Plus once you make it back out, you'll be covered in anything from algae juice, dead ants, and probably some diaper tape. But it was a good time overall especially since we got to sample some of the best beach cuisine NJ has to offer: Boar's Head cut wraps, Crinkle Cut fries and my all-time favorite, Mac and Cheez bites. Holla.