Monday, May 07, 2007


Everyone is all about Chinatown from the 40cent pork buns to the Canal Street bootlegs. But for me some of the real gems in Manhattan are found are found in Koreatown. I mean, personally, I forget to go that magical stretch on 32nd between 5th and 6th avenues, but somehow I end up there when I least expect it. On Friday I went to meet up with a friend after work and headed east from the train stop.

With two hours to kill and an empty stomach, I wandered the midtown 30s only to find myself in K-Town heaven. I ended up @ Woorijip which re-defines the whole fast food concept. Everything there is hella fresh because it was just made like 5minutes ago. There's tons of seats and so much traffic, that food goes quick. It's inexpensive, so peeps pick up a bit of everything. You can get a fresh kit from the noodle bar, or pick up any of their many many pre-packaged fresh cooked meals. On this fine afternoon, I grabbed the Kimchi Fried Rice, Ham & Eggs combo. So so good.