Sunday, May 27, 2007

Fuck Da Mets

Went to my first Subway Series game @ "the other stadium". What I thought was a friendly crosstown rivalry, was actually some deep-seated resentment from years & years of cheering for the other team by default. As a typical Yankee asshole, I went to Shea Stadium with full colors on. Aside from the few Yankees fans, we were berated by non-stop heckling to the point that I was a little shook. One fan vs another, okay, but I wasn't ready to fight all of Long Island.

Luckily we sat amongst a few fellow Yankee fans who seemed to all work construction or just get out of jail. All the Vinny's and Abercrobie fags shut their traps in our section; especially after we took a considerable lead with a rookie pitcher and proceeded to win the game. Sweep whatevs, shove that fucking broom up your ass.