Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bulgogi &

Went to my favorite Japanese bookstore to pick up some Option Mags which happens to be located in one of my least favorite parts of the city, Rockefeller Center. I ain't hatin' on out-of-towners, but I cunt stand the e-brake stops on the NYC sidewalk freeways. Bitch, ain't nothing from H&M is gonna fit your Alabama Ass.

But right in the midst of tourist and business mayhem lay this peculiar coffee cart craze. Upon close inspection what I thought was another Hadji box, was actually is a Korean food cart. Being brown, I do like my rice although I'm not a fan of curries & fruit in my food like Thai or Indian. However, I'm super big fan of Cambodian, Vietnamese, & esp. Korean food. The shit is super hot and spicy enough to make me break a sweat or crap my pants; usually a little of both.

At this dope kit you can get a plate of Bulgogi (marinated grilled steak), Rice, & Kimchi for & 5 bucks. A killer killer deal. The best were the Bulgogi sandwiches which were pressed and cut into these round pockets with whole wheat bread. Super good and satisfying. As with most restaurants, you know it's official if there's a line of Korean dudes awaiting their fix.