Monday, May 07, 2007


There's a drift series that occurs in Japan during the course of the year and has been running for the past 10+years ago. In the past few years they have been coming to the US for one of the events. Usually, they goto Irwindale, California but this year, they fucking came through to Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey. Pretty unbelieveable really. The cream of the crop, millionaire Japanese drivers came to the armpit of the universe. My friends and I were fucking hyped to say the least.

We came through on Friday for qualifiers and actually got to meet our heroes. Kumakubo San teamed up with world renowned Japanese Tuners JUN RACING to build drift Subarus which helped take the 2006 season title. Anyways, our good friend and photographer from Subiesport magazine was on site to translate and take photos of Team Orange. He was able to get us past the crowds to meet the minds behind the madness. We got some autographs, some clutch pics, and the inspiration to spend more & more money on Japanese parts that always show 6-8 months after you order it. Ha!

The driving was fucking mad. Vids ala YouTube to be hosted shortly...