Monday, May 07, 2007


As I may have mentioned before, I welcome anything Boston as much as Superman welcomes a Kryptonite dildo up his ass. I had some high expectations coming into this trip as all my friends were coming through, and the last few shows there were actually enjoyable.

But no, shit sucked. Got shit parked in front one of the worst & loudest DJs in the house complete with his stupid ass smoke machine which is great for my non-existing breathing ass. So after renting a trailer to have my friends set-up my car cuz I had work on the day of roll-in, being up for 30 hours straight which included an am am drive to Boston from NJ, and blowing a grip of money, I came home empty handed because the judge was pissed I wasn't @ my car when he came through the first half-dozen times bec I was out eating shitty Chinese food which fucked me the whole week after.

The saving grace of the weekend was checking out that "Bodega" sneaker spot which is tucked behind a functioning Bodega and eating Cracker Barrel on the way home complete with a triple side of mac n cheese.

Fuck Boston and Reggaeton DJs.