Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"I should have taken 2nd exit."- Dominican Cabbie from NJ

Click on this shot and tell me if you can figure out how to get to the far right white building in the center. This is the hotel we stayed at in Newark this past weekend and I had such a hard time finding it that I almost said the hell with it and was going to stay somewhere else and have my shit FedExed home to me.

Keep in mind most of these roads are one way and are divided highways. Every time we went back to the hotel there were rental cars and cabs everywhere along the highway that were trying to figure out how to get to this little sliver in a sea of highways. As a matter of fact our cab driver got lost taking us there the first night, then JP, Yo, Al and I could'nt find it 2 hours later, and then it took me four tries to find it after I picked up the rental. Not too mention navigating with 3 unseccessful tries after the wedding.

I'm pretty sure if I drove my car there the GPS would catch on fire. They should have this on Survivor, people would seriously kill each other. I got stressed just trying to figure it out on Google Earth. Fuck.

Eat shit Spring Hill Suites Newark Airport. Eat lots of shit.