Saturday, June 09, 2007

Say Word

The best thing about the warm summer months is the diet from my normal indulgent self. My weekend binges are long gone since I'm usually sweating my ass off. However, I think the calories may be replaced for my affinity for ice cream. I may start the day light with some iced coffee but my lunch usually consists of some of that decadent frozen sugar steez. Chipwiches, King Cones, Choco Tacos I love it all.

My lactose intolerance gets thrown out the window since it might be all that I'll eat all day. Today was no different with a visit to Mr. Softee. Available 24 hours a day, the portable ice cream heaven is available on various corners of town. While I normally go for the Cherry Dip ala Dairy Queen, today I reached for the vanilla ice cream and choco sprinkles. Good Shit. Dinner will probably consist of a few Miller Lites. All together not too bad, still waaay under my daily caloric requirement, but whatevs... it's summer bitches.