Friday, June 29, 2007

$300 Chicken Wings. Initial estimate low.

So a few months back I posted about a $300 plate of chicken wings. This was caused by mine and Yo's rush to the deep fried and hot sauce soaked nuggets of goodness of Atomic Wings on 39th and 9th in Manhattan. In our rush, we parked in a commercial loading zone. Not a good idea. Here are the numbers:

Towing and Impound Charge: $185
Parking Fine: $140
Quarters placed in Meter thinking we'd just scored the best spot on the block: $2.25
Chicken Wings: $28.42


So my initial estimates were low. After a couple of hours on Pier 66 and a detailed tour of the NYC impound yard, we were out of there. Happy Birthday Dan!

The Hell's Kitchen Flea Market we spent some time at. All the while not knowing our car was being carted off like roadkill, possibly at this very moment.

The swift hand of justice has Lee Press-On™ Nails. "Oh, it's your birthday!" No shit lady.

Yo keeping it positive in the lockup. This place was like walking onto the set of Taxi. Except without Tony Danza and Latka. That would have been better.

We hit Tarrytown (aka Sleepy Hollow) later in the day. Pretty cool.

Probably the best city logo I have ever seen. Albeit somewhat morose. For those who can't make it out, homeboy is carrying his own head in his arms, but never fear, the Spring Social is still on.

"The fucking sign did'nt say anything about a commercial loading zone! This is some bullshit going on over here!"