Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Fixed Kits have been in Japan for 40 years. It orginated as Velodrome Racing where people go to the stadiums and bet on the racing similar to horse racing. The cyclists undergo an arduous 10 month training period only before getting hand picked from various other disciplines.

So very much unlike the hipsters in Northern Brooklyn who transplant themselves from some wealthy suburb in Michigan only to dress down and attempt to ride and build some p.o.s. from some old 10 speed; the Japanese again show us how to do things properly even if it's how to ride a bike.

And just like the JDM craze for modding cars with super rare expensive imported parts which has completely possessed me; there is a Keirin Bike Culture ( keirinculture.com ) where you can fashion your bike with similar parts officially used for Japanese racing cycles; stamped by the Japanese Bicycle Promotional Institute (NJS).

So while you can cheap out and buy a $200 Craigslist beast or even a brand new $500 p.o.s. made by a US company- you can really really throw down and build a beauty with all NJS components. And your kit will def stand out as the frames are usually pearl colored gems from the 80s with dope gold parts. No HUFFY bs here.