Friday, June 29, 2007

Moby is retarded.

So Moby is feeling guilty for living in probably the most beautiful residences I have ever seen in NYC. So he has decided to sell it. Here's his message to his bros:

"hi, as some of you might know, 2 years ago i bought an apartment on central park west at 90th. it still stands as the most interesting and unique apartment i've ever seen in new york city, but i've decided to move back downtown and am now going to put the apartment back on the market."

This place is off the hook. The only way you could have better views is from a plane. What? Is the place haunted or something? Dead cat in the walls? Ancient Indian burial ground? Not close enough to a Vegan restaurant? All of that shit can be handled. Come on.

Take the time and click around.

Note to self- Work on soulful pseudo techno production skills and get a good commercial agent.