Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Yeah Bob's in a coma.

It was a mission to get out of NJ to VT. Hit up Olive Garden for some breadsticks to kill some time. Give thanks for XM radio and comedy cds. Made it up just in time for Family Guy and some FOX show that was funny enough to make me spit my Gatorade all over the place.

We endured a night of Will's Hot Cheeto Farts and some questionable accomodations and made it Stratton early for some breakfast. I shined the microwaved Bacon, Egg, and Cheez sandwiches and opted for a bagel. We got our kit's tuned, rigged up some passes and hit the hill. Thanks RIVAL. Conditions were hella good with a fresh couple inches on the ground. It was proper to get some fresh tracks. Good call on the yellow lenses, JP.