Thursday, March 30, 2006


Chilled with the ex-craze during lunch yesterday. She came through to get her shop on @ Sturban Outfarters. That store is whatevs but there's lots around to fuck with from NIKEs to books while your lady is trying on skirts and shit. But tell me, who comes to that store in search of books about how to roll spliffs? Idaknow, I learned all I needed to know while in college.

After a lil' bit we made our way to the home of perhaps the best cookie in all of Manhattan. While Magnolia's Bakery may hold the title for the perfect cupcake, Levain's Bakery on 75th and Amsterdam can bake a fucking kick ass cookie.

My favorite is the Walnut Chocolate Chip. It's a big ass cookie, the size of those beepers you get from the Cheesecake Factory. Always hot straight from the oven, the cookie is slightly crispy on the outside and all good on the inside. It's a fight to stomach all that melting chocolate and cookie dough, but it's worth the diabetic seizure every time.