Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spring Bling

Been away from the kit for a hot minute. From my friend's wifey's b'day bash to my Mom's b'day it's been craze after craze. However, Jigga and I were able to escape and blow it up for Spring Break 2006.

The scene was ridiculous with 50 degree sunny weather and perfect conditions. The US OPEN pipe was finally open to the public but it seemed as if J and I were the only ones to know about it. And after getting our fill, we headed to the mini park to get our jib on. It was a fun baby set-up, but we were able to get busy and rattle off a nice trick list.

If that was the last couple days of the season, we couldn't ask for much more. Now it's spring- time for the 2006 car show season and finally some outdoor skating. Holla for a Dollar!