Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Although I was a skeptic at first, turned off especially by the Nas promo videos + NY media blitz; the P.Rod 4 is actually a pretty good skate shoe. Athough I'm a Half Cab-er for life, the flood of vulc shoes on the market has killed my feet (and wallet) since the soles, although very grippy don't last as long as a cup sole. Also the shoes tend to lose their shape after a few sessions. I've resorted to buying a half or full size down to get a few more days out of the shoes, but my feet have been suffering from the squeeze. Also I've tried skating in dunks which are great, but they take a certain amount of grip guess work. It's always a gamble every other try.

But luckily, I was able to swap a pair of Koston lows for a pair of PRod 4s for a test drive (Thanks NJ Skateshop) and have been pretty happy. Maybe one session to break in, the shoes grip amazing, the interior is incredibly tech and supportive for a low top; saved me from a near devastating hot pocket.

Although I dismissed these images at first, the actual tricks are pretty retarded on video from the waist high ssbsts to the pop out on the bsnb. That ledge doesn't slide for shit. Tech win. Got my SOTY vote.

Yeah, PRod was hated on for the Dew Tour Comps & wealth of park footy on the net. Even I was rooting for PJ Ladd at the BATB3. But now everyone is competing on tv with the wealth of winning $$ available. Why not cash in- 150K for a back lip? Fuck, why not. Good to see quality street footy this guy. You can't really front on that switch tre. Went there with Dan a few summers ago. The run up is bumpy and the triple set is faaar. Proper.