Monday, November 01, 2010

Old Man Winter.

It's that time of the year, when the shorts get retired for jeans and we dig in the crates for the fleeces, gloves, and knit caps. It's a bittersweet time as the days of outdoor skating are numbered and it's time to get ready for snowboarding. Normally, I welcome the change, but with a perfect skatepark a stones throw from my apt and with the purchase of Mountain Creek by Eugene Mulvihill from Intrawest, $10 lift tickets at Stratton are no more.

Even last season, due to a mis-communication, I was entered into the Stratton system as a Creek employee and rode free for the greater part of a season. My permanent disposition as a dishwasher finally struck me gold. But as a creature of habit, I'll bite the bullet and pick up a Creek seasons, as it's always a fun time. Perhaps I'll finally make it up to the Mount Snow Carinthia Park. Sad though, as Stratton has always been our home park but $90 for a lift ticket is f'n retarted. Nice clip of some early snow @Mammoth. Looks like a Creek powder day.

Also maybe I'll finally get up off my ass and build some new shit @Drop In. It's amazing how much of a big draw a new box is.

EDIT: Just caught this CHEERS clip. Pretty tight. Goes to show how a fun day with the homeys can make your season. Doubles!

Time to start up my training kit, tune up the bike and start putting in some miles. Not ready to swap out that slippery rear hub/cog. Soon it's gonna blow and I'm gonna have an expensive scooter taking up space in the living room.