Friday, January 02, 2015

2014 Year in Review Part 1.

2014 was a fun year for throwback skating. Curbs became popular and a bunch of fun spots opened up. A couple slappies and some basic flat ground and I'm happy. With time a precious commodity, it was fun to blast a quick session when I could. I love the 90s and a good ledge, but I don't hours to dedicate to re-learning the tricks I had & trying to learn new ones. Old men can't jump.

With old school skating came the resurgence of shaped boards. I've been running such a small set up for so long (7.75 decks with 52mm wheels) Once I tried a bigger set up going from an 8.5 to an 8.62 to an 8.75 square nose Grosso; skating oddly became more comfortable rolling around on a bigger set-up. Thanks AH & Grosso for making fun shapes and Indy for making super light trucks.

It was fun to get back into skating transitions. Growing up in the 80s skating jump ramps and mini ramps was the norm. It was the tail end of the BMX boom so there was always weird ramps to roll around on. Got lucky with my old job being near Channel Street and a couple other fun parks were on the way home too. Still kinda suck at it as I did back then but it's like learning how to skate all over again. I'm happy to learn a good pump line and get a couple scratch grinds in. Just like back tails were my fancy go to street trick; back disasters & lipsides have come back into the rotation. Thank you backside rotation muscle memory. If I could only learn a decent stand up frontside grind.

Oh & having a baby was pretty cool too.

Late Edit: Hard to pick fave clip/ vids of the year from the Anti Hero Video to San Purgatorium to all the Bru Ray Clips to everything Daewon put out; but this little TWS clip got me hyped. Tranny control & beyond. Maybe a 2014 Top Clips post soon next Daddy Day Care break.